Feature Request: New Way of Activating Outputs on Track/Rack Instruments

Hi there,

This is a request dealing with the ability to select a certain number of outputs, but not activating all outputs. I’d like the ability to quickly select the outputs I need.

My reasoning:
There are some plugins with an extraordinary large amount of outputs, but I don’t need all of them. However, the ones I do need may number up to 7-8 stereo pairs. This means I have to keep right clicking a track/rack instrument, hovering over or left clicking the ‘Activate Outputs’ submenu, then left clicking on only one of the stereo pairs I want. It takes a bit of time to do this and becomes repetitive when loading different plugins. Yes, I could create a template, and I do for some rack instruments, but when I want to load something I don’t often use, it takes a long time setting up the outputs.

My idea:
What would be better is having a separate “Outputs” button that pops up a window with check boxes and an “Apply” button to enable those selected outputs only. Perhaps there could be a global Outputs window that shows all Track/Rack instruments and has check boxes for each of the supported outputs they have. That would be game changer for workflow.

Thanks for your consideration.