Feature Request: New way of Zones

If I have many songs with same key ranges (mostly left and right zones) and if i want to change the ranges, then going and changing on every song is very tedious, so below is mentioned one solution i think can work.

  1. Option to allow users to create zones with all the properties (octave change, transpose, key range change, fade etc.) a zone needs and call it a name (Ex: Left, Middle, Right etc.). By default VST live can have the LEFT and RIGHT zones already built in it, so users can use it.
  2. On each Layers in a song, users can set it to be part of a zone. if no zone selected it will be part of the whole keyboard.
  3. If user goes and edit a zone by changing the key ranges value, the entire layers gets updated to the new ranges.
  4. While playing a song the zone names (LEFT, MIDDLE, RIGHT etc) of all the layers in the current song should be listed somewhere in a place like a toggle button, so it can be muted and unmuted by user, so the entire zone can be muted/unmuted from the keyboard.
  5. When zones are muted, the existing unmuted zones in the layer should occupy the muted layers place.
    For example, if there is only LEFT and RIGHT zones, then if I mute LEFT zone, then the RIGHT zone should occupy on the entire keyboard.
    If there is LEFT, MIDDLE and RIGHT layer if i mute MIDDLE zone RIGHT zone should fill in its place.
    (You can give users an extra option to decide whether they want this functionality to happen or not when they mute a zone.)
    This option will give users a quick and dynamic way to play a Zone alone on the entire keyboard in some cases if they don’t want other Zones in a song. This is a quick way to disabling the a zone on a song.

You know Layer Mute is available in actions, right?

While we won’t be able to implemt such feature in the near future, maybe this could be a proposal for a solution: Option/drag a Zone. Then VST Live will check for other Layers in the Song with exactly the same key range, and drag it along. What you think?

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That is good. Whatever is better, easy and user friendly is always appreciated.

pls try with the upcoming version.
When dragging a keyzone, the entire project is checked for Layers with the same name and zone ranges (pitch lo/hi, and velocity lo/hi) and if all those match, the change is applied to those Layers as well. Hope it works under all circumstances…

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Can someone make a tutorial video about it on youtube?

If i increment/decrement the octave on the midi keyboard, is there a way it can only get affect on a particular zone. In my case I wanted the RIGHT zone only to be changed.

It’s a better idea, to do the splitting in zones only in VL But its also possible the way you do. You can transpose every layer, which corresponds to the zone.

I have blocked the pitch bend option on left layers, thats how i disable pitchbend on left zone, similarly if we have an option to disable octave on a zone/layer, it will be great.

Thank you