Feature Request - Note input measure hopping

I enter a lot of music into open meter that I then punctuate with tick and short barlines (chant). One little annoyance that I’ve discovered is that you can use the shortcut “cmd + [arrow]” to move the input cursor between the entered barlines, but if you exit out of note entry and then later enter back in in the last “measure” where you left off, you cannot cmd+right arrow to the position of the automatic final barline (ie- past the furthest entered note). Does that make sense?

In other words, I try to go back into note entry and the cursor always pops up at the beginning of the bar; Dorico won’t allow you to cmd+right to the last entered note to pick up where you left off. This is a bit annoying when the phrase is 14 notes long with melismas and you have to force the cursor forward since the shortcut to do the same doesn’t work. I assume this has to do with the final barline being “apparent” but not “actual” in the sense that it is an assumption made by Dorico and not something explicitly entered by me. I’m just wondering if a little line of code could be added that stipulates, “if in open meter and there is no additional barline, cmd+right arrow = move to final note in flow + 1” or something to that effect.

You could always click to select the current final note in the bar, and press enter to invoke note input at that location.

Yes, other times I just click on the final barline. I still think this would (theoretically) be easily implemented. It’s just funny to me if you are elsewhere in the score and then use the shortcut to hop measures and suddenly it stops advancing even though there are more notes in the score. It seems logical that it would jump to the end after it ran out of barlines.

I agree that this shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve. I’ll take care of it for the next release.