Feature Request: Notes in Audio Editor

This discussion is useful because both scenarios are interesting to be aware of:

  • Embedding the notes inside an audio file for easier storage.
  • Keeping the notes outside an audio file to avoid passing that data to your client.

Could the notes be stored within the gpk or mrk files?

Then only WL would be accessing them, be accessible in both Audio Editor & Montage, but never passed on to the client/public.

No, because these are temporary files, easily erased and regenerated. But an ancillary .txt file is a solution.

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FWIW we have been using text files now for notes for some years. Another advantage is ease of archive/retrieval.

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Text in Audio File in WL. Pardon me if this is a dumb idea.

Could you not create a blank Montage, write comments etc in that & Save it as a Montage ? You could drop the WAV file in there , if you wanted, & still be able to edit the original Audio File in the Audio Editor.
Maybe I’m missing exactly what you want to do .

Even when working with single files, there are so many benefits to just working in the Audio Montage. I would just do that.

I don’t see any downsides, especially if you’re looking for more advanced features like this.

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Guys, no need to do it!
After being suggested i should use paper i don’t have much more to add.
It’s perfectly allright, i am used to sharing ideas and either have them accepted… or not.

It’s not even the first time this has happened, being that i have been using the internet even before internet forums were “a thing” so i am perfectly aware (and receptive) to people disagreeing with me.
No need to implement new ideas when old ideas or even better, no ideas at all (paper?) is a much safer bet.

I remember suggesting M/S and separate L/R capabilities for the mixer EQ in Cubase. When? Huh… 20 years ago? More?, maybe 26 years ago.

I remember once upon a time suggesting in a Nokia “forum” (it was some sort of Pirch chat room for Nokia or something) suggesting that mobile phones should have a function for guitar tuning as all the necessary hardware was already there.
Ridiculous! There are guitar tuners for that!
Years later…

So, with WaveLab the safest bet for a couple of “hardcore” professional users is to always have paper around or to use convoluted exchanges between windows inside the program.

Thankgoodness someone invented Metadata otherwise we would have to write PQ codes by hand.
No printers would have been invented.

Remember Telex machines)? Maybe Steinberg should move the Forum to a phone line and we’d all start commenting using perforated strips of paper.

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Hi Paulo!

I like your ideas so just keep it up :slight_smile:
regards S-EH

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