(Feature Request) Nuendo support for MKV, AV1

Will Nuendo ever support MKV and AV1 ?
Will it ever support anything more than MP4, AVI and MOV?
I can see this was requested 7 years ago.

Because, iirc: why would it support a video codec that needs a lot of cpu power to decode the video stream when there are lighter alternatives available? They cost more diskspace but that should not be a real problem nowadays.
These codecs are still a cpu hog to play these files and then there is the issue of frame syncing. Please, research these issues and if you have found a solution: let us know.

You can relax, I have no issues working with either mkv or av1 in editing programs on my system. I’ll be very interested to work with them in Nuendo.

MKV doesn’t use any additional power over MP4, it’s just a different container format. AV1 does need a lot of power, if the GPU doesn’t have a decoder for it, however more are starting to. nVidia introduced hardware AV1 support in the 3000 series, Intel started with the 11th gen, AMD with the 6000 series.

Now that’s decode only, if it needed encode, then things need to be even newer but near as I know all the current GPUs support both AV1 decode and encode.

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@inadream thanks for your concern but i’m relaxed. No need to be snarky here: Just trying to help out.
Which programs do you use these containers in and which codecs and how they compare to others. Did you do any benchmarking?

Thanks. I didn’t talk about MP4, but yes it could very well be that MKV and MP4 use the same amount of resources but as you say they are containers not just Codecs. In the end the codec (for encoding and realtime decoding) makes the difference. These specific containers are aimed at streaming content over the internet and not from a local disk (please do some research on the difference).
Both Containers however use way more than DNXHD or ProRes codecs in MOV container. But this is on a Mac. I do not know which codecs and containers work best on Windows.

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@klfnk2020: I regard my response as less snarky than your ‘helpful’ yet combative reply to my question. For me Nuendo would ideally offer support for AV1 and MKV as my system has no issue working with AV1 or MKV and benchmarking is what lead me to favour AV1. I wasn’t looking to find solutions to problems I don’t have. The hardware I use encodes AV1 at no slower speed than using H.264 or H.265 but image quality is noticeably better. As a result I transcode all my videos AV1 in MKV. As hardware support continues to grow and adapt to newer codecs I maintain hopes that Nuendo will support AV1 and MKV.

If you find my response combatative then this is problably my fault, but not intentional. This topic (‘we need more codecs supported’) has been discussed before so perhaps I’m not eager to see more discussion.
Have you searched the forum for more info?
Also: I don’t understand why you need this codec support. You are talking about encoding but Nuendo is not exactly a video editor… so what are you trying to do? And why not just use Shutter Encoder?
And could you maybe answer the other questions as well? What is your system?

The fact you weren’t meaning to be combative is a great relief. Arguing with strangers over nothing of any real importance really drains my energies and leaves me feeling uncomfortable.

I did search for MKV & AV1 discussions but only came across a request for MKV support from 2017. I would like MKV and AV1 support as recently I have been using SpectraLayers in Nuendo to remove background music and sounds from long video presentations which has first required hours of transcoding AV1 in MKV to H.264 in MP4 for Nuendo. I have more of this type of work to do and it would just be of great convenience if Nuendo supported those codecs. I have invested and continue to invest an amount of money in Nuendo, Cubase, WaveLab and SpectraLayers over the last 20 years and felt it was at least okay to ask if more codec support might come along at some time. I don’t feel entitled to demand it, but I felt entitled to in the very least ask. I’m not sure if Shutter Encoder can host Spectral Layers via ARA - I’m clueless on that but coincidental you mention Shutter Encoder because I downloaded it just yesterday (!), so I will look into what is and isn’t achievable in that.

Not sure if this is the question you asked about my system - but the programs I regularly use for recording and/or transcoding AV1/MKV are Handbrake, Avidemux, BandiCut and BandiCam. Or was it perhaps something else you meant when asking what is my system?

MKV is not a codec. It’s an open standard container format which has some advantages over MP4. See: MKV File Format: How it Works - MKV vs MP4

I see no reason why Cubendo couldn’t also support MKV for importing videos (the more the merrier!), especially because it would allow the easy sharing of high quality PCM audio with h264 video which would overcome the limitation of MP4 which can accommodate only compressed AAC audio with h264 video. Currently you can also use a .MOV container to combine PCM audio with h264 video but this is frowned upon by some, although used by many.

I know next to nothing about AV1 so cannot comment on that.

Well, normally you’d use that to transcode so no enormous advantage over what you are already having to do.

That might be true but TBH labouring the point here is unlikely to get you very far. Advice to you. Simply add ‘Feature Request’ in the title of this topic. In other words make this topic a specific request rather than a question. Keep it simple and fuss free and make sure it doesn’t sound like complaining and it’s far more likely to make an impact.

“I have been using SpectraLayers in Nuendo to remove background music and sounds from long video presentations which has first required hours of transcoding AV1 in MKV to H.264 in MP4 for Nuendo.”

You can use shutter encoder to convert the original video to ProRes LT and import that into Nuendo for working sync to picture. This is what most people like me use for post production scenarios (adding sound effects and mixing).
But if you are only taking out the music from long video presentations (and presumably only want voices, why not just extract the audio as wav file from the original video (again shutter encoder) and open that up in spectralayers. Then do your demixing, save the wav file and use shutter encoder to ’replace audio in video’ on (a copy) of the original video file. This would be the quickest way. You could even setup a batch process for this kind of procedure. Another option is not to use spectralayers at all but Ultimate Vocal Remover which is better at extracting voices from soundtracks and you can just throw in a video file.

Hope this helps.

FYI MKV is directly supported in SpectraLayers so you can open an MKV file directly in standalone SpectraLayers - this will automatically open the audio from the MKV file (not sure this works with all MKV files).

Even better! But as you eluded to, it depends not on the mkv but on the codec embedded in in the mkv and the sound in it. I don’t have spectralayers so can’t say anything about that.

Yes probably. If SpectraLayers can recognise the audio stream, it opens it. Works on every MKV video file I’ve thrown at it so far. Might be convenient for @inadream since, as you mentioned, it cuts out the middle man - you can edit the audio directly in SpectraLayers and then use ‘replace audio in video’ in an external app like Shutter Encoder or similar to replace the audio in an MKV file (if that’s what you need).

Nuendo 13 does it natively

Can it do it to MKV files?

Only Broadcast and Professional Containers and others that are directly supported by newmedia stream video providers.such as youtube etc.

Yes, I know but not to MKV. I think we were assuming that @inadream would want to replace the audio in an MKV video file.

Not sure what you mean by that. Last time i looked ‘replace audio in video file’ functions only with AAC audio in an MP4 container.

Both MOV and Mp4 container
The input file is high quality Mov/h264/PCM exported from Resolve running on Linux and the resultant file is mp4/acc audio on Mac M1…but as you can see the video encoding is intact.

I have never come across a MKV file, So I may be ignorant about it.
Also MKV is not supported by professional Post or Streaming platforms. So it’s a special case
We use FCP and Resolve which does not export MKV…does Premiere support MKV export ?
(I stand corrected Resolve does export MKV also it appears to be extremely versatile container)