[Feature Request] number of 1/16 notes per count

Feature Request:

Is it possible (or make it possible in the next update) to adjust or modify the number of 1/16 notes per count (i mean NOT the general quantize option!), i mean the bar ruler, transport panel (bars and beats), list editor, etc.
Example: When the quantize is set to 1/16 triplets, you get 6 “subcounts” instead the standard 4. Setting the quantize on a dotted grid (1/16 dotted), it keeps on standard 4 subcounts.

Easier example: 4 1/16 notes per count on “default” or dotted grids and 6 1/16 notes (or subcounts, 1/24 notes) on triplet grids. (requested possibility to set a button or dropdown in the transport bar next to the tempo display)

When fulfill this request it’s easier to work with the list editor or to navigate through the project.

On Magix Music Studio (my previous music editor before purchasing C6) you had the opportunity to set the number of 1/16 notes (subcounts) per count by setting the quantize.

For Steinberg: Please release us from the 1/16 fixed grid (still visible in the transport panel, bar rulers, list editor)!

Note: I have already make a (failed) request 2 months ago.

My request could be also handy for the locators (i use the 1/16 notes “subcounts” frequently for locating parts of a song).

1/24th notes?

Yes, i mean that.


Here a example list of number of “subcounts” or 1/16 notes per count (quarter note)(*/4): (quantize)

Bar / dotted:

  • 1/1, 1/2, 1/4: one subcount
  • 1/8: 2 subcounts
  • 1/16: 4 subcounts (default, as now)
  • 1/32: 8 subcounts
  • 1/64: 16 subcounts
  • 1/128: 32 subcounts


  • 1/1T, 1/2T, 1/4T: one subcount

  • 1/8T: 3 subcounts

  • 1/16T: 6 subcounts

  • 1/32T: 12 subcounts

  • 1/64T: 24 subcounts

  • The number doubles if you use brevis (half notes)(*/2) (at 1/4: two subcounts, at 1/4T: three subcounts)

  • The number halves if you use eighth notes (*/8) (at 1/8T: 1 subcount)

This setting has advantage in list editor, bar rulers, transport panel (bars and beats counter), locators, etc.

Also a request is to make it possible to set the font of the time display on the transport panel (now it’s Verdana, formerly Arial)

Steinberg (or someone), please…
I will be very glad when you use my request in the next update.

Again, it can be very handy for using the locators and list editor (which is fixed on 1/16th notes and you’re working with triplets).

Or simply make a switch (next to the tempo/signature in the transport bar) to set the 1/16 notes counter to 1/24 notes(1/16 triplet, 6 subcounts).