Feature request: Numbered Bar Region feature for long tied notes

The new Numbered Bar Region feature for repeated bars is wonderful, thank you Dorico team!

In a future update can this be made to also work for long tied notes? I’ve needed that for orchestral scores where the brass holds a chord for 8 bars or more, thus is difficult to visually follow.

Perhaps the feature could be unlocked so we could use it to number bar series regardless of the content?

Thank you,

Can you explain what’s not working for you?
I find that Dorico will happily enter a numbered bar region even if the content differs from bar to bar:

Works fine for me too. Do you have it turned on for that layout in Layout Options?

I did NOT have it turned on in the layout, that got it working!
Thanks, Fred and Leo. I saw the feature in Anthony’s video and didn’t realize I had to turn it on.

Very helpful feature!!