Feature request: offline Processing

I’d like to be able to use the offline processing whilst listening to what I’m doing in context with the track. Can this be made possible please? :smiley:

Sure. Do you want fries with that? :nerd:

As much as I admire your optimism, the feature you requested so casually is actually not that easy to implement. And even if it was, with Steinberg’s track record for filling in random user feature requests, I wouldn’t get my hopes up…

Sure, and can you supersize me with movable frozen parts please… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I know its a bit pointless chucking round feature requests but it cant hurt to put it out there, right?

I am sure you do this. I copy the track and mute the original - process - listen in context, then keep or erase.

Not sure I get what you mean…

So you want off line processing to take place while online?


:laughing: I want Cubase to play my project when pushing the stop button…

I want offline processing to remain offline, I just want to be able to hear what effect its having to the overall track without applying an effect, then listening to it in context of the track, deciding I’ve added to much/not enough and then having to go back and have another guess.

I do have a workaround where I add the effect online with my track playing, get it to my liking, save it as a preset and the apply it offline. it works but its less than ideal.

does that make things any clearer?

That would be a render in-place, not offline?

One of the things that’s good, is using the range tool with offline. It does what it says on the tin really… Offline.

For what it’s worth, your workaround is the way I would do it if the need arises.

I can’t say for sure as I’ve never used render in place but i assume it works the same as bounce. The advantage of offline processing is the offline processing history. if you suddenly decide that you no longer want that flanger that you added before the distorting and reveb, you can just remove it and the distortion and reverb will still be there untouched.

Indeed. offline processing is handy.

Did you check Offline Process History? It permits to deactivate offline applied processes,it`s far better than a simple undo and works independently to every file you process.



Jokes aside, I’d very much like to audition offline processing in the mix too. There’s never been a case when I’ve applied an effect without having first auditioned it in the mix using an insert, so it’d save quite a bit of time for me.


This is most likely a “moot” request as I’d be very surprised if Cubase 7 (or the next generation of Cubase) doesn’t have clip based insert effects. You’ll be able to audition those all you want.

That’s pretty much gotta be in the next major Cubase “revision” you’d think… so… probably moot. I think people need to maybe raise their expectations of “next generation” Cubase. It will likely be something a bit different.

It would indeed be great to have clip level FX, but I’d not want to loose offline processing because I use it for things which I want to fix rather than run in real-time. Things like autotune and other tuning plugins. And it doesn’t take up any CPU then either. So I’d like offline processing to be audtionable in place, or perhaps clip level FX being frozen to become offline processing?


Yep, clip freeze. They too can go “offline”. Insert a FX on a clip, audition it, like it, freeze it. It’s offline, no cpu. Want to take the FX off later? Unfreeze the clip and remove it, or anything else in the chain.

We’re talking about audio insert FX here, nothing that takes any time at all to freeze or unfreeze and unless it’s something really CPU hungry like a big amp-sim, no need to ever take it offline at all.

I’d be shocked if that wasn’t already on the “Cubase Millennium” drawing board.

Look, I know many people feel Cubase is near perfect and they’d prefer to stay mostly with the status quo. They (we) kinda felt that same way during the VST32 era, until the SX era, which was clearly a better design in many ways, and the next thing will be better also. It’s time for a change again (after 10+ years) and I suspect it’s coming. Embrace it. Many of the small things that seem unnecessary if not petty to many will be very, very welcome after they’re actually implemented. I’ve seen it happen time and time again… a thing suddenly going from “Meh” to “Brilliant” simply by being implemented and available to use.

Steiny is clever so… expectations are (or should be) high.

That would be perfect!