*Feature Request* Omit folders from track next function

Is it possible to omit the folder tracks (or any tracks) from the track next function?

Here’s the dilemma:

I’m looking at the mixer. I have several tracks inside a folder track. When i press next/previous track (arrow key, buttons on the CMC) it sees the folder track as a track. This creates a need to press track next/previous TWICE to get from one track to the next in a folder track. If you like to use folders (which I love) you will have quite a few instances of this happening.

The same goes for hidden tracks. It still sees them in the track next function as it bases it on the track list, not the mixer view.

Not sure how to remedy this but I’m sure we can come up with a solution :slight_smile:

I have a similar request: you can’t get to VST instrument tracks using previous or next track buttons, because they don’t show in the project window, only in the mixer.
I realise this is pretty much the inverse of the problem the OP mentioned, but it would be nice to find a solution to both. Not entirely sure how though, that’s up to someone’s creativity :slight_smile:

Do you mean Instrument tracks or VSTi output tracks?

Actually you CAN rearrange the VSTi output tracks to wherever you want in the track list. Just open the VST folder and drag the appropriate track(s) to where you want them in the list.
I’m positive the Instrument tracks do show up in the track list so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

I was talking about VSTi ouput tracks, and I had no idea you could get them in the list so thanks muchly for that :sunglasses:

Help all and help well… :slight_smile: (usually)


Would be nice and while we are at it, hows about allowing the VST Instruments folder (from the rack) be moved and not recreated if accidentally deleted?