Feature Request One Button to Close All Lanes

This would help me keep a tidy screen. Just a simple button to close all open lanes in the project Window at once.

You may be able to create a macro to do this for you.

Don’t ask me how though! :mrgreen:

Are we talking automation lanes? If so just assign a KC for it. It’s under Automation in KC’s.

I’m talking about the lanes created by multiple takes; audio or midi.If you work from track to track on takes you can wind up dozens of lanes open pretty quickly . A single click to close them all would be great.

Ah, in Prefs-Editing check Track Selection Follows Event Selection then make a macro containing Select All and Lane Display Type, both under Edit in KC’s.

You can easily create a PLE preset to do this, then bind a key to it.
Then you can show / hide all lanes with a single keystroke.


I wouldn’t need such a feature because every first take I do is always a keeper :laughing:

You as well… amazing :laughing:

Knowing you two, I would have thought the reason to be you never figured out how to open lanes to begin with. :fyb: :yfc: :mrgreen:

kiss kiss :laughing: