feature request: open/close insert 1 editor key command

There is a key command to navigate to the inserts section of the inspector pane, but once I’m there I have to click the “e” to open my reverb plugin. I’d like a key command for this. I use a key command to open my VST instruments, so the same should be true for insert plugins. Thanks

I know it seems like I’m always requesting key commands, but I have RSI (repetitive stress injury) in my hands, so the less I have to use a mouse, the better.

This is not intended to downplay your feature request:

Having seen your requests for different key commands and now your reason for requesting them, have you considered investing in a MIDI controller like the CMC-PD?

The PD has 16 pads (can also be used as buttons) that can be programmed into 15 banks of MIDI notes and one bank of user customizable Cubase commands (same as the key commands).

The 15 note banks can be set up as a generic remote in Cubase, further expanding its remote control functionality.
Granted, you’d have to remember what pad does what in each bank and what bank you’re on.

It’s also relatively inexpensive ($150).

I’m saying this because the function you want is there, just via MIDI remote controller, not key command.
(There’s a lot of functions via MIDI controller that aren’t in key commands)

probably not exactly what you’re looking for, but if you hold down ctl alt shift and click the “e” button it opens up all the GUIs of all your inserts at once. I dunno, there’s got to be some way (maybe using the logical editor?) to create a key command to open the inserts without having to hit the “e” button…

the problem with using a generic remote is you can’t move any of your tracks… the generic remote info doesn’t follow the tracks. actually this would be a good feature request: “generic remote follows tracks”.

If you set your control to
Device = Mixer
Channel/Category = Selected

then the generic remote will follow the selected track.

Nice! thanks for the tip :sunglasses:

so ur saying I can do this with generic remote? no kidding! sweet. but then again, it seems odd to have some features key commands and others only with generic remote or not at all. seems like it would be reasonable for the developers to add every function to the key commands list and be done with it.

Device = Mixer
Channel/Category = Selected
Value/Action = Ins. x->edit

Substitute x for insert number.

It seems to me that key commands are primarily editing functions and that the generic remote is meant to be set up like a traditional mixer.

actually its VST Mixer right? Think I found it, because under “mixer” it wasnt listed

No its “mixer”. I just tried it and it works great! I can even control parameters from a synth using Shinta’s “mixer” method! Its so nice to finally be able to use the generic remote AND be able to move tracks around without losing the generic remote settings :sunglasses:

Another option for the same price would be the Novation Launchpad…

16 pads


64 pads

the thing about having more buttons is…you have to remember what they all do. :laughing:

Another good product is pi engineering x keys. Guess I need to add a pad to my workflow too