Feature request: Option to unload VST when deactivating it


I know we have the option to freeze Instrument tracks and unload the VST instrument, but I was hoping an option could be added for the existing “Deactivate instrument” button to unload the VST. My reasoning for this is because I work on a lot of large orchestral projects that have many tracks, and I would like to speed up my workflow by making a template with all my sample libraries in a way where they should sound good for a demo from the start, but have all the tracks unloaded when I create a new project from the template. That way I can easily pick and choose which tracks I want to load in when I start something new, and it should be quick since I don’t have to wait for Gigabytes of samples to load in. I know that I could and in an empty midi section for each Instrument track and then freeze the instrument, but it feels unorganized and has been a bit of a pain in the past. It feels messy to do.

My hope is that it’s not something that would be hard to add in and might help for anyone else in a similar situation.

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You know that you can make a whole track inactive? That’s what most people with these kinds of large orchestral templates do. Save the template as a whole lot of inactive tracks, then enable them as needed.

Wow! How did I not know about this haha! I’m sorry for the post, this is exactly what I’m after and it’s even better since you can disable/enable multiple tracks at the same time.

Thank you so much! My day has been made!

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Except with Komplete Kontrol. If you save a template with Komplete Kontrol tracks disabled, when you enable them you won’t have any parameters on your Komplete Kontrol keyboard.