Feature Request: Optional toggle for plug-in window management

Hello everyone,

I have recently transitioned from Ableton to Nuendo for sound design and its game sound integration. One thing I have been missing though is a feature to automatically close any open plug-in windows upon selecting a different audio/instrument track.

Now I know there are situations in which you may want multiple instances open at the same time. And I am not denying its merits by any means.

But I would be lying if I said we all haven’t been in that situation at least once: messing with parameters in a plug-in window, only to find out that you were changing the parameters for the wrong instance.

I know there is a bindable key command for “Close all Plug-ins”, but that would still lead to unnecessary additional window management, as you would still have to manually re-open the plug-in window of the ones you do need.

So my suggestion is to automate this behavior:

  1. Remember the plug-in window locations for each channel respectively.
  2. Open/close them accordingly when switching between channels, so that only the relevant channel’s one plug-ins are visible at once.

I think this would save a lot of unconscious window management and “mental overhead” of managing plug-in windows. And eventually leaving a lot more of your focus and energy for the actual creative process.

I really hope this makes it into a future update!!

Let me know what you guys think!

Not exactly but part of the request:

best regards

That is nice indeed, thank you!

Seems like the rest of my request could be implemented with little effort then!

Please vote if you like the idea!

I think it should be pretty straight forward to make a logical editor preset/macro tied to a key command that closes all open plugin windows and then opens all plugins on the selected track…