Feature Request or am i being MAD??? Frequency

The ability to send MIDI note info to an EQ node in Frequency. As the note changes so does the EQ point.

This makes the centre frequency point, however we’ve set it up in Frequency, jump around matching what ever note happens to be triggering it.

To set it up, right click on FREQ, in Frequency, in 1 of the 8 EQ parts and select ‘Receive Midi’. Now… When we go to any Midi channels output it will show ‘Frequency EQ…’ as a selection, like a vsti. If we’d right clicked multiple EQ freq nodes as ‘Receive MIDI’, multiple would show. A dedicated MIDI send would also be good as we could route the VST tacks midi note info to control the Frequency EQ that was on it’s own insert.

This would save a lot of time in automating frequency controls with many ways it could be expanded. Like Auto tracking!

I can see it would need a lot of safeguards so one didn’t accidentally destroy a carefully sculpted EQ by playing a riff, or accidentally routing a part to the Frequency EQ but if this could be set up then I can see the use. Since the Frequecny EQ shows a keyboard it’s a shame you can’t at least input points from a keyboard (whilst the EQ is selected).

Yes… Clicking the keyboard would be nice too.

Edit: You can click on the keyboard. But it’s a click and drag. Otherwise how would it know which EQ node to move.

So it would appear that this EQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YM9DKyvDtNI has quite a lot of what i want… Shame i don’t want to buy another EQ. I’d love to see more of this in FREQUENCY!!!

Izotope are adding this to Nectar 3… Not so much midi but even better, frequency mode, it auto tracks the frequency, this is exactly what i want for low cuts. https://youtu.be/Kekv0rtxTBg?t=339. Guess my idea wasn’t mad after all.