Feature request or am I doing it wrong? (Selection)

Any time I want to select something, I start the selection on the note/rhythmic grid position I want to start with, hit/hold SHIFT and the Right Arrow key to select everything to the right. If I overshoot that selection, instead of “backing up” my selection when I hit the Left Arrow key, my selection moves to the left of where I started.

8.5/10 times I select something, I overshoot and have to start all over again.

Do I just need to be more careful when selecting, or am I doing something wrong?

(I would appreciate selection working like it does in a word processor.)

Selections are included in the undo history, so if you select something you didn’t mean to, you can use Undo (Edit > Undo or Ctrl/Cmd-Z) to remove the last selection. Does that help?

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It’s just not the way I’d prefer it. :smiley:

Thanks for the response!

For a fuller discussion of this see this thread from last year.

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