Feature request or explanation: Selection options for chords while working with only keyboard.

I am primarily using the keyboard when navigating, inputing and selecting notes in write mode. This is both intuitive and the shortcuts are laid out in a way that promotes a fast workflow. There is only one thing that hinders my workflow.

There does not seem to be any option to extend selection upwards or downwards to select parts of a chord, select the whole chord in one stave without selecting the other staves etc. The only solution as far as I have found out is to use the marquee tool and selecting with the mouse. Which works really well by its own right. But I wish this was implemented in some form for the keyboard so both my hands can stay uninterrupted on the keyboard.

This post is intended as a request, but if there is something I am missing, please feel free to explain.

Your request is a legit one, and I am confident that some solutions are already in the pipeline…