Feature Request: Partial Ties styling

Hi again! :slight_smile:
I’d love an option for Ties Style that would do something like this:

I find myself having to fake this a lot (in a Vocal Score reduction for piano) and it takes a lot of time, and I know if it was a native option in the Ties Style then it would be more beautiful than my faking!

(EDIT: ignore the fact that i forgot to hide the ledger line in this fake :slight_smile:

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Perhaps we would need something like the reverse of laissez vibrer…
(or simply a partial tie/slur, useful in many repeat situations…)

Maybe you can use something like this while Dorico do the real solution…

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Laissez vibrer is already a thing. I think the problem is going in to a note.

True — although even the current L.v. ties don’t really look right for this kind of usage, and I tend to end up moving them so they appear to ‘reach’ towards the next notes in the tie chain. Hence why they would be best mapped as proper ties, but with the centres made invisble.

You mean like this?

You can do something like this using a Dashed Tie, with large values for the gap and the dash.

You can set something suitable in Engraving Options, and then change the gap and dash length in Engrave mode for each tie, to tailor the effect.


For reference: This was requested a month after Dorico 1.0:

@benwiggy this is a cunning idea! — but it seems both values are limited to 4 maximum? Interested to know if you have a way to work around that? 12 spaces isn’t enough to bridge any significant content (which is usually why I want to use this kind of notation, to stay out of the way of whats in the middle… ) — so I end up with long dashes still appearing in the middle.

Ah: You’re right for the values in the Properties panel. But the Engraving Options can be higher.

ah interesting. I’ve played around with it a bit more now. If only the properties panel values weren’t limited, it would do the job perfectly. As it is you can use this to get one bar right in a project, but only one!

I’ve figured out that Dorico will only implement it as a dashed tie if at least one complete dash gap will fit in the distance between the notes (i.e. it won’t shorten the gap). Otherwise it will draw it as a solid tie. It has also revealed some strange behaviour — like this in the screenshot (Dash 4 spaces, gap 50 spaces), where one tie is dashed and the other not, presumably the upper tie is slightly shorter and therefore a dashed tie of 58 spaces won’t fit? Who knows. Also, if a system is broken midway through a bar, it will revert to a solid tie — presumbaly Dorico won’t break a tie gap over a system break.

If the dev team are reading this — if any fix is possible to this in the future, just removing the limits on the properties panel for dash gap and dash length would be tremendously powerful (i.e. in line with the unlimited Engraving Properties values). A further fix could be allowing dorico to treat the Gap Length value as a maximum rather than an absolute, so Dorico can shorten the gap length below that where the distances are shorter, and therefore still draw a dashed tie rather than reverting to solid.