Feature Request - PDF / XML sheet music integration and cataloging in Dorico iPad

I’d like to see Dorico iPad take advantage of the iPad’s form factor and develop more of the “read” mode to include the ability to display PDF sheet music (even if the music doesn’t exactly correlate to the Dorico-generated score.

Eventually, I’d like it if the Dorico-side of the house score did correlate to a PDF (scan) of sheet music - maybe at first it is only by a meter? I like the ability of Newzik to OMR a scan and follow a position on the PDF through each note of a bar.

One of my workflows with Dorico has been to import MusicXML or midi from a scan, fix all the errors, and then use the Dorico file to practice with - adjusting the tempos as needed.

Dorico offers more power than the two scanning softwares I’ve used, I’d like it if it could include the scanning software and an ability to catalogue a library and produce a set list for live performances of works in the catalogue.

The read view seems like a start of some of this. The notation does not need to be expanded a whole lot in my opinion because the XML can be edited directly in Dorico anyway - not some half-baked notation like putting little pictures on a PDF scan that ForScore and Newzik do (effective for us humans all the same).

Maybe a PDF is eventually not displayed and the MusicXML control is better - like improving the engrave mode a little more for the sake of parts and display on a screen - not for printing. I have Dorico LE - not Pro. The main feature I would like LE to have that only Pro has is the ability to create divisi parts (common for violinists) in order to replace some of my difficult-to-read sheet music prints with parts that are a faithful visual representation (comparable to other people’s parts in the orchestra) but easier to read. - all of this could be solved with more practice and memory work, sure. I do, however, like the idea of being able to store a PDF copy and MusicXML in one container Dorico file for easy cataloging or arrangement of set lists later.

BACKGROUND: I have used Dorico for about a year and a half to clean up OMR files and MIDI files to arrange settings for hymns and preludes to play my church’s midi-controlled air-driven pipe organ. Dorico has been the best solution I’ve tried to most-naturally edit and arrange music (on my iPad and computer) - Thanks!

I play violin in a volunteer symphony and about half of us are using an iPad with one of the popular sheet music apps (ForScore, Newzik, etc.)

Welcome to the forum, Aaron, and thanks for taking the time to explain your requirements. We decided that we didn’t want to compete with the established apps that have made handling live performance their core function. Similarly with OMR or music scanning, there are good choices on the iPad that integrate well with Dorico (especially Newzik and PlayScore, but there are others too, including NotateMe), so this is something that we don’t necessarily imagine will be part of Dorico’s feature set in the near future.

But it’s very interesting to know that you would welcome these features becoming part of Dorico for iPad in future, and we certainly don’t rule it out.

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Great - glad to hear you are thinking of it. While the MusicXML compatibility of Newzik (or PDF compatibility of ForScore) are both good for portability, they don’t always translate really well. I experimented a little with MusicXML from Dorico to Newzik. Without divisi ability in Dorico LE’s engraving, I can’t quite completely reproduce my part using PDF and MusicXML also has some other minor notations drop out (like rehearsal marks). I suppose I could more faithfully reproduce the PDF (in a cleaned up PDF with MusicXML built in using Newzik) if I had the full Dorico Pro (beyond what I need most of the time).

Dorico does the cleanup well enough it would be nice if the read mode were a little more powerful with set lists. I don’t think the internet hosted cloud ability is critical, but it is nice. Sharing a file is good enough most of the time. The main thing I’d like is the ability to overlay music xml playback onto a PDF so I can practice with a minimal version of the score in Music XML (without doing all the engraving / dynamics work). Mainly tempo and correlating the position. Newzik does this really well with their synced page turns (in an easy way). If the OMR made it possible (like PlayScore) to track visually, that would be an awesome integration.

I really like Dorico’s information tagging. Newzik does not do this well. I manage a lot of music that I use regularly.