[Feature Request] Per Full-Score Layout option to put pianos below all other players.

Yesterday I talked to some instructors on our campus and confirmed that “putting piano beneath all other players in some full-scores” is at least a convention in Japan but not all conductors prefer it.

Suppose that one Dorico project produces full scores meeting both this convention and the western convention, then I guess that this feature request may works: Per Full-Score Layout option to automatically sort pianos below all other players on the score.

(Before ignoring this convention, maybe it needs to be considered that Steinberg is a sub-company of YAMAHA, Japan. To my intuition, some composers in Japan may just give up switching to Dorico due to lack of supporting this convention.)

So… some composers will refuse to switch to a superior notation program because it doesn’t put pianos at the bottom of the layout by default?

For goodness sake. Swap the instruments as you wish them to appear and hit export.

I have my strong enthusiasm to promote Dorico to anyone I know. Both you and I know that Dorico is the best choice for producing modern Western sheet music for at least tonal composition (The current version can also do atonal notation well). However, most of those who already get used to Finale in Japan, according to my observation, won’t even have a little motivation to consider whether they can have a better choice. They just use what their professors told them to use till the end of their foreseeable future, even after their graduation. Worsely, they may blame their students (or even hit the roof) for using music engraving softwares other than Finale. Promoting Dorico in Japan requires infiltration to all possible music conservatories and other community music education institutions as deep as possible, which requires sufficient capital power from YAMAHA Japan and carefully prepared persuation to those teachers / instructors who are believing that “Finale is the god”. This needs Dorico team at Her Majesty’s doorstep to respect local music engraving conventions as much as convenient. I believe that this promotion work can be a long-time warfare, making most music engravers in Japan to take “apparently painful” learning of a software they haven’t yet familiar with. The productivity of the entire music engraving industry in Japan may get hindered during these years. The great irony is: it is such hinderence that can be sensitive to Japanese culture, hence (I guess) YAMAHA Japan’s possible hesitation.

I rewrote the above paragraph in Japanese in a softened tone for reference:





[Off Topic] Similar cases in Japan and in China are due to different reasons. In China, engravers stick to Sibelius because of: an easier initial learning curve + a strongly made Chinese localization + easily fetchable cracked versions.

You can already use the ‘Custom player order’ option in Layout Options to put the piano wherever you want in each layout. We have no plans for any greater functionality to support this convention than that existing feature.

Thank you so much. It helps me a lot.