Feature Request: Per-System Condensing

Forgive me if this is, in fact, available and I missed it in the manual, video tutorial, and forum search:

It would be very handy to be able to fluidly invoke/revoke condensing on a per-system basis.

(And while I’m talking about condensing, I’ll add my voice to those excited for future inclusion of lines.)

You can create a shortcut to Create Condensing Change. There, you have all control over what is condensed and how. What’s more: you can alt-click the signposts to copy paste them wherever you need.

So flutes, say can be condensed on page 1 (with system breaks defined), not on page 2–3, again on 4, etc., while clarinets have a different pattern, et al.?

You have absolute control. If you want to stop condensing on some instruments, create a condensing change, tick them, enable manual condensing and choose Stop condensing. They will follow this up to the next condensing change where condensing on those instruments will be reset.

Cool, thanks!

Not sure why it wasn’t clear to me. Must be bleary-eyed from today’s looming deadline… :dizzy_face:

For your own information, the relevant pages are these ones (they’re located in the Page formatting chapter, under “Condensing”)

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