Feature Request: Percussion Tie/Better percussion slur, legend placement

When percussion is revisited:

1.) Can there be a percussion tie enhancement? Or a better slur option for percussion.

It is very common to write the snare drum and bass drum on the same staff in concert music. When rolls appear and using the normal slur, the slur runs into the bass drum part. The normal slur works fine when no bass drum is present. But in a military march or a piece with a lot of rolls and bass drum notes, this would take forever to fix in engrave mode

In most current music published today, the slur would look more like a tie (note head to note head and flip up into the snare drum part).

2.) Can the percussion legend add instruments independently? Allowing one to move the instrument name under the staff?

In the graphic below, I selected on the Snare Drum note, and added “Percussion Legend for sounding instrument”. It added both instruments on top of the staff. And I cannot drag one below to staff to indicate which instrument is which, because even in Engrave Mode this is treated as one item.

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 8.32.22 AM.png

Here is picture showing the last example:


In Engrave mode you also have the Custom Text field… not a solution as such, but it might be helpful in a workaround…

It seems to me that the Dorico way to deal with this would be to improve the way that tremolos work in tie chains, as, after all, a tie is the correct notation for this. Using a slur is a workaround and it comes with its own problems.
In the meantime, why not set one tied tremolo up (input the tied thing, add the tremolo, switch to Engrave mode, turn off the single stem trem for the final quaver/eighth) and then copy and paste it wherever you need it?

I have thought of that… and with Dorico, that is certainly possible. It becomes a little less appealing, when the roll occurs in different points in the subsequent bars for differing lengths.

But for this project, that might just be the way to handle this.