FEATURE REQUEST: Period ('.') on NumPad also invokes dotted notes

Currently to invoke a dotted note, you have to use the period (“.”) key in the QWERTY key area – you can’t use the period in the Numeric Pad. I use the numeric pad for durations (left hand on the numeric pad, right hand on my MIDI keyboard – the fastest input method I’ve found). So it’s a definite nuisance that slows me down to have to switch to using the period in the QWERTY key area when I want a dotted note. (Yes, NumLock is on. :slight_smile: )

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One of the great things about Dorico is that you can completely customize your keycommands. I use numpad period for dotted notes too, just add it!


Ha! I did the same thing!

Marvelous! Thanks!

I offer an even better solution (at least for me). Why not have the option to (quickly) double-hit 6 for dotted quarter, then hit it just once for regular quarter notes? MAN! Would that be a FANTASTIC solution!!! So simple. So intuitive.
Pretty please?
So thankful for all you already do!


This does seem like a good idea, David, and not one I can remember having been suggested before. I’ve made a note of it, and we’ll look into implementing this in future.


Double hitting any number to make it’s associated value dotted would indeed be rather neat.

I’m curious – when you “make a note of it”, as one who builds notation software it seems most of your job is making notes!

Thanks for another great year, by the way. I hope you enjoy the “rest of the year”. (I better hit pause now).

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Thanks, Daniel! C A N 'T W A I T!
And while we’re at it, why not hit a number 3x for a triplet? (It’s probably wise to stop here. 5x for a quintulplet is silly, as such values are far less often used. I’m just suggesting the common values I find myself looking down at the (computer) keyboard (or mouse) to execute.
All best for a great upcoming year in 2023!

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Or perhaps alt-number.

Right, but not as immediate as quickly hitting the key that has the value you intend to “tripet-ize”? It’s a great thing not to have to ever look at my computer keyboard/hands when I enter notes with a MIDI keyboard.

I’ve set NumPad . to add a rhythm dot; and 0 to advance the caret by the current duration.

I agree that there should be a key command for the “tuplet button”


… so that whatever that is set to can be triggered from the keyboard.

I’m leery of having to cycle through three layers to get back to the default non-dotted, non-tripletized value. Dotting a note is very common; tuplets appear to me less so writ large, although certain pieces may prove exceptions to the rule. Pressing a modifier with the note value (rather than a separate shortcut for triplets in general) is still a lot faster than the current system.

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So then could it be offered as an option, like many Dorico features?

Amen for the key command for the tuplet mutton!

(Must be lunchtime.)

Ok, I see my typoe. But your translation of the Agnus Dei is way off. Either that or we had very different Latin teachers?

I hear you can get a good lamb kebob at Agnus Deli.



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That would be a game changer for me -reaching for the period key has caused so many errors…