feature request: piano chord scheme

Hello Steinberg Team,

the Dorico 3.5 version is a big step up for me, great workflow and news.
In my day by day teaching work I found that often is required a lot of time for speak about chords on piano and relative inversions.
In Dorico 3.5 I found the very useful “show chord diagrams at start of the flow”, a big improvement for guitarist with a lot of options, but I think that in that list could be added the piano chords scheme for better explain chords for piano to students that needs to improve the chord learning.
Hope you can take this is serious consideration.
Have a good work and health


Thanks for your suggestion, Tommaso. Could you attach a picture that shows the kind of thing you’re looking for? Either an example from an existing published book, if there is one, or otherwise just a rough pencil sketch of what you want to see. It would help me to make sure I understand your request fully.

Hi Daniel thanks for your interest.
I’ve imagined a sketch that I’ve made in a publisher software just for explain what you ask me. Sincerely I have made a basic example of what I’ve supposed on simply basic chords but I imagine that the concept could be enhanced by you and your team in a more complex way that take account of more piano voicings, inversions and topical jazz voicings that could be a very interesting way to compile a score that needs to be played from a a student.
I imagine also a feature that can allow the user to double click on the piano roll for edit the dots on the keyboard and customise the voicing in a more complex and dynamic way.
Thanks for your consideration, I hope you can realise this for Dorico.


sorry for doubled post, my error for forgetting the jpeg example

Thanks for taking the time to put that together. That’s an interesting idea, and I don’t think it’s been suggested before. We’ll have a think about it. I can’t promise that we’d be able to work on this in the near future, but we’ll keep it in mind in case any other work in related areas might make it easier or more possible.

Many thanks to you Daniel, I know that this can’t be implemented with a magic wand, anyway I’m glad for give you an interesting idea and I hope this can generate a lot of good news about this new feature in Dorico.
greetings :slight_smile:

This is an interesting idea. Not unlike recorder fingering charts, for instance.

i bought a font for that on my Sibelius, i hope Dorico will have this in the future

good idea, the finger recording via midi