feature request: place to store idea bits in a project

It would be nice to have a central storage point for midi (and possibly audio although the pool is fine for audio) bits that might come in handy for a project that you want to come back to but aren’t part of your main tune. It would be ideal if it were not on the main timeline as that gets distracting. For instance, currently I might have and idea record it in Midi and then have to move it over to bar 100 (just later in the song) and then maybe get back to it. If there were a panel, not unlike the pool, for midi clips that might be useful in a project that would help out tremendously.


Aloha f,

Nice idea.
I believe there is an app that puts a ‘shelf’ on the desktop (Mac)
on which you can drop all sorts of things but I don’t think it will work inside Cubase
for MIDI events.

What I do as a quick work-a-round is to:
Just save the entire current song with a different name/title.
and keep keep working on the current song.

And then later when I have time I will open that saved song,
delete all the non-relevant parts, hit save and ‘bob’s yer uncle’.

A lil klugy but it does not stop my workflow.


This reminds me of old Ensoniq’s MR-series sequencer’s idea pad.

Amazing how powerful those old keyboards were, some of Ensoniq’s sound and technology still doesnt exist in modern hardware or software sequencers, like the “Idea Pad”

can see it here, about 2 inches left of keyboard’s dipsplay

Interesting. I use a muted folder track where I store all ideas, already recorded midi etc. It does appear in the main arrange page, but it’s only one track high (I put it at the top, above group tracks and below any ruler tracks). Not particularly elegant but it works.


It’s already possible…

Well there you go, one learns something new every day. I’ve been working with this thing for 15 years, and have never even thought about that little button. I’m using it now… Thanks :smiley:


If I get a Project where I have useful looking pieces but not usable immediately I make the Project longer and park them out of the way at the end.
When needed, Select all (ctrl + A) then press P and press 2 and there they are.

Audio has the Pool. Maybe that should be extended so dragging audio and midi material there would enable parking.

Ha! Cheers for that link. There must be a few hundred of those little solutions hidden in Cubase. :mrgreen:

Yeah it’s a good one that…
I’ve been using cubase for years and wasn’t aware of it. Not sure when it was introduced?
I keep finding these little gems via the forum. It’s well worth going through the posts as handy things like this pop up that I’d never have found as steinburg never mention 'em.

Surprised no one has mentioned the track archive! :sunglasses:

File → Export → Selected Tracks


File → Import → Track Archive

When I am working on a project and come up with something unrelated that I want to use later, I use the track archive to dump the idea into a folder with a descriptive name. There are several key reasons I do this:

  1. It saves not only the MIDI – but the VST instrument, its settings, effects, etc.
  2. The archive is in the form of an .xml file, so it’s really small
  3. It can be a bundle of several tracks, stored in one file…you can bring an entire 4 track idea in at once
  4. It can even bring in references to audio files!
  5. You can merge ideas from separate projects without having to actually open the project.

The only downside is that there’s no “preview”, but it’s only bringing in a single track and not opening a project, so you can get at it pretty quickly.

One man’s opinion :wink:

Bumping because I like the good ideas and the “can do” vibe.
Handy for several users who have posted recently. :sunglasses:

I +1 that request. I too usually put ideas at the end of the project but would love to see the Pool functionality extended for midi bits.

That forum link doesn’t exist.
How that is actually possible?

Which button do you mean?

You should repost this in cubase 10 forums section