Feature Request: playback only selected notes and instr.

I know the team is working to the playback function.
In Finale there was no option to playback different notes and different staves. One stave or all staves.
In Notion there is possibility to playback only the notes on the different staves and loop them: selecting bar 2 and 3 from alto saxophone, tenor saxophone and trombone 1; hit playback and only hearing this selected notes and instruments.

Is something coming to Dorico?

Yes, we expect to be able to influence which instruments play back when you start playback based on a selection in due course, but probably not in the initial post-release update.

I was wondering whether this feature (playback of selected notes/insruments) has been implemented in the meantime. Coming from Notion, I find such a playback option extremely useful, to the point that I can’t work without it.


In the next update (1.1) only the players in the current layout will play back, so you can switch to a part layout if you want to play back just a single instrument. We’ll probably add further control to this at a later point.

Will that work for the score on a flow-by-flow basis as well (in Dorico 1.1) so one does not have to listen from the very beginning of the piece to hear the music in flow 22?

You can start playback from wherever you like by selecting a note and pressing P.

There are various other ways you can play back (play back from play head, from selection, from the last play position) - you can set your own key commands for these in the preferences - see ‘Play -> Start or Stop Playback’