Feature Request: Playlist Equivalent (again)

Hi there,

Probably the 1000th call for a playlist type feature…

So am recording a 16 channel drumkit again today, piano, bass, guide vocal and trumpet across a project that has a tempo map that moves up and down all over the place and Time signiature changes galore.

Asked to keep all of the takes for them and later down the line this may be ported to Pro Tools

The Lanes feature doesnt cut it by a mile. Turn on lanes on a foldered 16 channel drum track and you can only see half of it on the screen. Extremely messy!

We need a way to be able to save a take with a click and have a blank canvas again in my opinion

Aloha mart
I never thought of that but that would indeed (IMHO) be a very nice feature.

Hope we get it.

+1. Or maybe an option to have lanes be shown via a drop down menu a la protools “playlist”

In 2011 this was a feature request for the then current version - if you want to be heard with the repeat, you’re better off in the C7 forum section.