Feature request: Playlists/Lanes/Takes/Layers

Just resurrecting this feature request. Justin has more than explained in great detail about how this could benefit Wavelab users here:

It would be a very elegant method of handling different takes, edits, revisions etc. Even more useful now that Wavelab can record into the montage and can use external editors. Pro Tools and Studio Ones have very good examples of how to implement this feature. Playlists would be remarkably handy in a mastering context. I would use it ALL the time.

I guess it could either work at track level or clip level. Clip level would have the benefit of potentially storing clip FX too.

If it ever comes to this, please call it ‘Lanes’, like we are used to in Cubase.
(I use playlists in Spotify and such, it doesn’t make sense to me in a version system)

I’m good with ‘Lanes’ :+1:t2: