Feature request please - independent headphone/USB output?

Hi guys

First of all, thanks for a great app. I bought it (along with countless others) in an attempt to find an app suitable for running separate stereo click/stereo backing tracks from the orchestra pit in a live show.

To do this I require the use of ios multiroute audio and 4 output channels (two stereo pairs)

I see there is an implementation for multiple outputs in place but I can’t find a way to utilise it.

Would it be possible to have the ipad headphone socket implemented as a routable stereo out (independent of the connector/USB OUT) in a future update please? This would be similar to the DJ apps that have separate headphone monitoring I guess. OR being able to use the airplay audio out individually would be equally fabulous!

This would mean I could play a stereo backing track through my Alesis ioDock to front of house and a click track through the headphone socket (or Airplay audio) to the band in the pit.
There is an app called “SyncInside” where the developers have managed to implement it but the limitation is a lack of control over track volume. I have put in a request to them but it all seems very quiet at their end…

The added bonus with your app is the ability to record and playback midi alongside which would mean being able to sound check keyboard and v-drum sounds/levels remotely from out front, without needing a second engineer or musician to play them. The recording and playback of cc#4 was a little buggy when I last tried this with the vdrums meaning that the hihat control wasn’t staying closed during playback, but it may have been fixed I an update since.

I’ve waited a couple of years now for developers to implement a feature like this but it doesn’t seem to be forthcoming. I’d be interested to hear some other users opinions on what I feel would be an absolutely invaluable feature, especially where the app and implementation an be kept pretty stable. It would mean many acts and shows could downgrade and simplify any complicated hard disk / desktop run playback systems to just an ipad and a dock.

Thank you for your time and continued hard work. I appreciate any feedback.


Hi Chris,

Cubasis supports up to 24 channel outputs (12 stereo pairs).
It is not possible to use a USB audio interface and the built-in audio at the same time (iPad limitation).
Your described scenario (stereo out and click over different outputs) is possible but you need an interface with multiple outputs like our compatible UR series interfaces:
Or just any USB class compliant hardware.

Hi Crohde

Many thanks for the response. I have had a look at the UR series interfaces as you suggested and they do look great although I don’t have budget to purchase new gear at this time.

I don’t think this is the case otherwise how have the developers at ShowTools worked around it with their app “SyncInside” or likewise the developers at Algoriddim GmbH managed to implement it in “Djay 2”.

Both of these apps allow stereo playback out of the dock connector (in my case, an ipad 3 and Alesis ioDock) for a FOH main mix and simultaneous, independent playback of a separate stereo bus through the ipad headphone socket for headphone cueing or a separate click track.

I think it’s fairly safe to say that it isn’t a limitation and absolutely is possible beyond any shadow of a doubt.

If you aren’t aware of this ability then it could be something that would make your app more accessible to users with existing 3rd party hardware or make your UR22 interface more appealing as an INCREDIBLY affordable 2 in, 4 out device (in a round about way!).

One thing I couldn’t figure out is, do the UR interfaces provide power and charge the ipad whilst connected?

Kind regards

It would definitely be great to have a Headphones Channel in the mixer, plus individual Headphones sends on each channel!

Hi Chris,

Sorry, I wasn’t fully aware of that. I just added the alternate headphone mix to our list of feature requests.

Hi Carlos ( I hadn’t seen your name in the sig when I replied before - sorry)

Fantastic! Thank you for taking the time to respond and look into it. Getting responsive and good quality support is increasingly more difficult these days - the guys at ShowTools could learn a thing or two.
I look forward to using the feature when you’ve found time to implement it - I have no doubt that the feature request list is extensive already.

I once again feel inspired to start experimenting with the app now so that I’m up to speed when the time comes!

Kind regards