Feature Request - please reimplement effects chain view following active montage window

When selecting a montage in WL 8, the effects window switches to show the effects chain of the now active montage. Important so that you are adjusting the effects on the montage window you are currently working in.

In 8.5 to present versions this does not work. The user must manually change the effects window after selecting a new montage, creating another step in the process and potentially adjusting the wrong effects chain.

Could you please reimplement this functionality on future versions? As it’s important to my workflow, I’m waiting to update to a newer version until this is working again.


Hey Doug,

Does the below solve your issue?

Effects/Menu/Plug-in Window Handling
Select/tick ‘Auto Switch between Tracks and Clips’.


It doesn’t help here. Doug is right, it worked “correctly” until Wavelab 8.5. The chain window would switch to a chain (or no chain) related to the selected montage. Maybe there was a reason it was changed, but whatever the reason, it was intuitively, and operationally, more “correct” before.

This will part of next version.

That would be awesome … thank you