Feature Request: PLEASE RETAIN ROUTING OF PADS when combining into layers with other pads - see gif video

So close, I thought I had maybe thought of a way of speeding up this process of creating multi-layered sample kits with each layer routed to a different kit mixer channel, but it doesn’t work. It would be fantastic if it did.

-Set output for Pad 1
-Set output for Pad 2
-Drag Pad 2 into/added as layer to Pad 1 - - - Pad 2 should retain its output routing but it instead switches to Pad 1 routing.

Depending on what the user is doing, they might want that to happen. But in my case of combining multi-mic’d samples into one pad this is not great.

It would be so quick for me if I could have 16 Pads of 16 different hits of the snare top mic. Select them all and set them to ouput mixer channel 1.
Then go to page/group2 and select all 16 of the bottom-snare-mic and set them to output mixer channel 2.

Then, I would just have to drag the bottom-snare-mic pads one at a time into the top-mic pads and everything would retain their pre-specified channels.