Feature request please

Having seen Dorico grow and mature I feel confident in my decision to switch over (from Sibelius). Most of us are aware that the next major update will be focused on drum percussion and cues – to which I am delighted to hear. I have looked through recent posts regarding the inclusion of jazz articulations (doits, falls etc) to which Daniel said they are on the backlog (as per a reply he made of Jul 02.)

Much as I love the humour in having a toilet (Mouthpiece/Hand Pop) as a playing technique for ‘wind’ players, :laughing:
I would definitely prefer those jazz articulations please. Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait too long.

Whilst requesting, could I put in a special request for including various ‘Bis’ bars when you get around to them. As I’m not 100% percent sure of their correct name hopefully a description will help. A single Bis bar comprises of a diagonal line with a dot placed above and below – off centre, to indicate the previous bar is to be repeated. Bis bars exist for two and four bar repeats also.


In English they are called “measure repeats,” “two-measure repeats,” etc. and IIRC are on the road map (eventually).


Thanks for the clarification.