Feature request: plug in windows always on top

bit of a bugger here … not WL 11 specific, all versions i’ve used.

i use dual monitors on my iMac. a smaller monitor has the editing windows and the iMac itself, it set back between my speakers and holds a big pane full of all the wonderful meters that wavelab provides.

the problem is, if i open a plug in window and move it to the monitor with the meter pane on it and then switch away from wavelab and switch back, the plug in moves to be underneath, hidden by the metering window… and i have to click the plug in in the master section 3 times to get it to pop back on top of the meters.

is it possible to have a setting where plug in windows always remain on top of any window in WL? i’m not sure if this is a two-monitor-situation issue or not? but it’s always been a bit of a pain.

anyone else find plug ins get hidden behind other workspace windows if switch away and back to wavelab?

The only possible setting would be on top of all windows, not only WaveLab windows. Not sure if that would be better, in case you switch to another app.