FEATURE REQUEST: Plugin editor follows channel selection

If I have the same plugin across all of my tracks, in the same slot, with the GUI open, how can I get Nuendo to change to the corresponding plugin when a different channel is selected? Like it does with the channel strip open. Studio One has this feature. I think ProTools has it too.
I’m getting really tired of working with my choice of channel strip plugin, but having to open and close it for every instance all the time.


Is there anyone that can shed some light on this? Do I have to request this as a feature update?

I would love to See that too!
One of the things the purple company did somewhat right :slight_smile:


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Yeah, definitely!

I remember asking for this ages ago. I’m sure the guys can find a way to include this feature. It’ll really make the workflow a whole lot better.

+1 no doubt!

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Please could this feature be added? I remember requesting this a long while ago. It would really make a huge difference.
Thank you :+1:

Would be very convenient.

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+1, this would be extremely beneficial.

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That would be very handy!

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