Feature Request - Plugin Undo - like Cubase

Hi PG,

Please consider adding plugin undo - like what Cubase has… I was just tweaking a VST, and I hadn’t saved in a while, and I accidentally turned the wrong knob really far… I can’t remember where I left it. Plugin undo would have saved me a lot of hassle. Now I’m frustrated and trying to figure out where I had it before.


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I am not aware of any undo function for plugins in Cubase. Or please show me.

I made a little video clip demonstrating what I mean: https://youtu.be/dLOC6JLi6to

Thanks, interesting. I note the idea. WaveLab has undo/redo after the plugin window closes, but adding discrete parameter undo is a good idea.
I guess this Cubase feature only works with VST-3 plugins?

Good question. I’m not sure if it works with VST2 plugins or not… I can try and see…

I have to say, I think even Steinberg under-rate the value of this feature. When I first went to show you, I searched YouTube looking for a good video to demonstrate it and there wasn’t one so I had to make one. It’s a really super cool feature that gives Cubase a big edge above many other program that do not have this ability… and I think it would be a huge addition/help to Wavelab users as well.

Hey PG, I tried a VST2 plugin in Cubase, and it can undo plugin movements in both VST2 and VST3 plugins.