Feature Request/Poll: Collapse folders hides child channels

Do you want extra options for collapsing and expanding tracks?

  • Collapse/expand child tracks with their parent folder
  • Leave folders as they are
  • Allow groups to be collapsible and collapse/expand tracks feeding their outputs to them
  • Leave groups as they are

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Another oldie suggestion of mine, given new life by the quest to expand software out of classical hardware boundardies , but without destroying that paradigm!

I have four 30" monitors, across which I can spread mixers. However, there are times when I would prefer to have them occupy less real estate, especially when there are many channels, like for samplers, that I am not working on at the time, but don’t want to switch ALL of a particular channel type. Smaller mixers make it quicker to move around by mouse, and can allow more to fit on a touch monitor (as Win 7 allows only one as standard).

My suggestion is that, optionally within Preferences (Global) or per project, any channels within projects are hidden in mixers when the folder is collapsed, and vice versa.

An expansion of this is that since any one channel can ONLY direct its output to one other channel, group channels could be made collapsible and their source channels (and those feeding them) would then be hidden in mixers.
I would think that this would bypass the need for folder tracks in many instances, freeing up even more screen space.
Channels providing sends would not be collapsed.

I tend to feed group tracks as submixes and then just mix the groups. Expanding the group would allow instant access to a particular channel for tweaking.

My suggestion provides bank selection automatically derived from the actual signal flow groupings, making it easy to implement in software without creating ‘anomalies’. In short, I think it is inituitive.

When it comes to monitors, I am one of those who likes to see the overview and quickly go to whereever I want, whereas there are others who feel distracted by a mass of details and prefer to just see that with which they are immediately working. I think my suggestion allows for both types of people. It certainly means the former may be able to spend less on monitors!

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