Feature Request & Poll: On-Demand, Popup, Ad-Hoc Mixer

Do you want to have an on-demand, popup, ad-hoc mixer?

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I have suggested this before, but a post in the thread about wet/dry control for inserts suggesting pushing the software limits, reminded me again.

Currently, any target for outputs or sends (such as groups or FX channels or studio foldback) can receive from different sources, BUT there is no way to see ALL the sources in one mixer, so that the relative levels can be adjusted easily.

My suggestion is to be able right-click on a summing point (say group channel, FX channel, studio foldback, sidechain input, or whatever), and have an option for a popup mixer that displays the faders (output or send) for all inputs for that summing point.

I think that we currently rely too much on the classic hardware limitations on facilities, and while it presents a (reasonably) straighforward way of presenting the primary signal flows, it doesn’t present other signal flows in the same paradigm, mainly because they are composed of ad-hoc relationships.

This suggestion enables a way of presenting those alternate flows in the same classic paradigm, but without cluttering the standard view. The popup mixers would be created at the time of invocation and be destroyed when closed. Any changes made to its faders would be relected in the display of the source faders as they are made (just like any other control displayed in several places).

All putputs to the summing point would automatically be displayed, but sends would only be displayed if enabled, therefore initial routing must be set up from the sources themselves, which is what happens now anyway.

What else is displayed along with the faders (besides panners) would be dependent upon the source control type (output or send) and what seems logical to include, but compact would be the preference for speed of building, speed of moving the controls with the mouse and keeping the display uncluttered.

Somebody actually voted, but no comments!