[Feature Request & Poll] Start on Midi Event

Would 'Start on MIDI Event" be useful or not?

  • This is a good idea for a new feature
  • This function would not be of any use to me

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Hi everyone, I am putting this out here again, I have each time since C4. In some other DAWs, for example, Digital Performer, you can choose to “arm” the transport to either play or record, as soon as there is any input of any midi event…

This has a couple of useful functions, for example, imagine you are using a midi drum kit, you are working alone, and your kit is 20 feet from your control room… count-off would have to be ridiculously long to let you get over to your rig in time to get settled, then track with your material. IN DP, you can trigger it to start recording immediately, or to simply trigger the count-off.

Sure, there are some remote control products, but this usually requires one of those “inexpensive” :blush: iPads or other hardware.

For me, I like sometimes to start right into a part, no click, I’ve already got the meter in my head. My “punch in” methodology from years ago (1980’s), when I did use Performer v2 and on. Since those days, I eventually went Steinberg. :smiley: I miss that function.

Sadly, Cubase does not yet support this little function. And I don’t want to use DP! Steinberg, please consider this!

Comments welcomed… :wink:

I have a MIDI pedal set up to control a Macro I use for punching. A tap of it resets everything, deleting the previous take. A simple USB number pad can also do this. Possibilities are endless.

Cool, but can you tap your pedal from 30 feet away? USB number pad would work up to 20 feet away. You are correct that there are many options! :wink: Having this switch in the software is just one I’d like!

Yeah, a hub would extend the USB range.

More wires, more cost. I already have my long MIDI cable back to the DAW…

HI Northwoods - I’m not quite 30 ft away, but far enough that I feel like I’m running over to get started in time. NOT the best way to be in the right mood for a vocal take, or even a quality keyboard performance. Interesting to hear what the other DAWs have available that CB doesn’t. So anyway - I voted “useful” - thanks for posting!