Feature Request Poll - Your input is needed - Results are online

Surely it can’t be hard to implement keyboard commands for existing features? :wink:

When you buy C10 and W95, for instance the Frequency EQ Plugin, Can run in C10, Cant run in W95.
I have made a project in C10 where i used Frequency plugin a lot. In hope to have in Wavelab the Frequency Plugin.
I made Presets for all tracks, in hope to edit batch with the Frequency plugin and these presets.
You just cant do that…
I think if you buy both C10 and W95 you should have the plugins for both working.

Instead i had to use Fabfilter Pro Q2 and yes that works in C10 and W95…

Maybe this should be the next poll: “50 key commands you would like to have in Cubase”

Add [KEYCOMMAND] to your comments and I will create a poll.

There were a few missing common requests in the forum from this pole. Fix longstanding bugs and update the Eucon adapter before introducing new features and breaking cubendo more!

[KEYCOMMAND] open the “audio related” channel settings in a midi track.

I don´t know how to explain it properly but the procedure would be that if I a select a midi track and press the keycommand it should open the AUDIO channel settings of the instrument track or rack that is connected to that midi track

[KEYCOMMAND] Open inserts plugins selection dropdown menu in the channel settings or the inspector.

[KEYCOMMAND] The same with the fx chains selector in the inserts tab

This is not new but supposed that will be fixed in the next updates hopefully …

D.O.P. -> Pitch Functions
(need to work with an unlimited number of audio excerpts 100%, as expected,

D.O.P. -> Process with ENTER key

PLEASE have something like a Plug-in “Master Controller”. So i can disable the all same Plugins at once without searching. I.E Bypass every RVox Compressor with one click. (Very usefull for plugins that mess with the buffer, like De-breath plugins).
And so i can globally change the Pitch Correct Key.

Stereo / Mono toggle on the tracks [Mixing]

With all due respect, the 50 items in the poll are definitely not the 50 most urgent feature requests. They are just 50 random requests that were posted by the first few people who happened to visit the forum shortly after you started this thread :slight_smile:.

Also, I wouldn’t call these requests for “new features”. If you look at the list, it’s mostly complaints about shortcomings in existing features. I think it’s great that you’re making the effort to connect with users like this, but I wouldn’t take the list too literally. I think the important message here is not: “here is the prioritization of things customers want”. Instead, I think the important message here is: “the top priority for existing customers is: finish and fix the features that are already in Cubase so we can use the existing features effectively”.

worry about your own productions, jeeze louise.

What a fab idea. May I start with Snap On and Snap Off. ie. not a toggle switch.


While we’re at it, perhaps a top 50 (yes 50) existing bugs that need to be addressed.

Of course these are not the 50 most urgent feature requests. This is just a snapshot and it represents a fraction of the Cubase user base. But it is a start to improve the communication in this part of the forum. These results will not represent the development roadmap of Cubase, but they will definitely be analysed and considered by the team along many other sources.

Thank you this is fantastic.

I wonder if at any point, when analysis is leading to conclusions and a road is mapped, if somehow somewhere, focused discussion could be had about the particulars of each feature request/fix/tweak/etc could be discussed and brainstormed by forum users. For example, ‘Improving External FX’, - there could be a lot of particulars of how that could/should be done, and how it - shouldn’t - be done. Perhaps, there could be sub-forum area for this with threads dedicated to each thing.

The poll is officially closed. I will post the results in a separate thread.

Hi Matthias, is this thread going further with the [KEYCOMMAND] idea or will you open a new one?

Maybe you can do a Keycommands one and then a list about the most important bugs to be adressed?

Thanks for this new approach

Good point. I will create a new thread for the key commands. Thanks!

Poll results are here anyone wondering - https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=285&t=165135

Thanks Matthias!

Checkbox in prefs: “Pre Roll Only When Record” [RECORDING]