Feature Request Poll - Your input is needed - Results are online

Here are the results:

Here is the poll. You have 100 points that you can allocate to the different ideas and feature requests.


I will keep it online for a week and will then share the results here in the forum.


Hi all,

We have just reached the 1,000 entries mark in this part of the forum. Thank you for you ideas, suggestions and your overall engagement in this forum! Let’s move on to the next step.

Since we don’t have the option to vote topics up or down and there is currently no community ideation tool at Steinberg, we need to take a workaround to find out about your priorities. Let’s try an experiment:

I will create a poll with the first 50 feature requests that will be added as a reply to this topic by the community and you will then be able to vote or rate your top ideas.

**Here are the rules:

  1. One Request per comment
  2. Please choose one of the five categories for your feature: Recording – Editing – Mixing – Composing - Other
  3. 10 words max for the description. Keep it simple.
  4. Add the link to the original thread.
  5. Please don’t post duplicates.
  6. Please focus on your priorities and don’t go crazy.
  7. Please keep it positive.**

As soon as there are 50 comments in here, I will lock the topic, post the link to the poll and you can start voting. Of course the results will be made public in the forum.

Let’s go.

Maybe I’ll make the start with some of the most discussed threads in this forum…

Smart Tool [EDITING]


Gapless Audio Engine [OTHER]


Plug-in Aliases [OTHER]


Full coloured tracks in the mixconsole [MIXING]


Add option to allow multiple MCU devices to mirror controls. [MIXING?]

Multitrack Audio Warp [EDITING]


Expression maps UX improvements [COMPOSING]


EDIT: Added another, older FR thread with more suggestions (as some people have pointed it out)

A proper “Import Session Data” feature [OTHER]

MIDI Editor UI “Tabs for Controller lanes” [COMPOSING]


Per articulation delay parameter for Expression Maps [COMPOSING]


The ability to snap to triplets within audio warp [EDITING]


Inspector In Lower Zone Idea - Mockup Design [MIXING?]


Synchronisation of editing cc data between multiple vsti/midi tracks. i.e. link continous controllers between tracks. Desperately requires an elegant solution.

Midi Sends are an awful workaround! And limited to only 4 sends.





Bezier curves in midi editor [COMPOSING]

Export to Video [OTHER?]


Inspector in Lower Zone


Steinberg/Cubase server for quick saving and stability. [OTHER]


Thank you for this important initiative.

  1. For the French version (and other languages ​​concerned): It is necessary to extend the use of the solfège option (for the name of the notes) to all the windows requiring a keyboard, like Variaudio and, in the main editor, to Edition on the spot. Do-re-mi … (instead of C-D-E …)
  2. To see the markers in the keyboard editor.
  3. Reduce the fat of the track names, which disturbs the overall perception. No need to put super Bold here. At least put the option.
  4. Expand the elevators. On a 4k screen, they are needles.
  5. Allow lighter colors for people who prefer day to night
  6. Allow scrolling tracks with the mouse in the Mixconsole.
  7. To be able to view other EQs than those of Steinberg in the Mixconsole. Pro tools allows it with Fabfilter and Sonnox.
  8. Allow a larger color scheme, with a permanent window if desired.
  9. Remove the light blue color from the inverted typography in the information bar and in the inspector. Go back to version 9.5 gray or put them white. We see nothing !
  10. Allow a return, even partial, to the interface of version 9.5.
  11. And of course allow 64 bit and fades in ARA2.

That said, Cubase is a wonderful Daw.