Feature Request Poll - Your input is needed - Results are online

That’s a very good idea. Hope you can make it happen. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Now there’s an idea … license each major feature individually so we pay only for those features we need.

  • Everyone gets a basic Cubase for free, on whatever platform they want – Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, cloud

  • If a feature is available for that platform, you buy a license to use it

  • Licenses could be time-limited … if you only need a feature for a month, you rent it

mixing. all three mixers can be used without sharing global settings
eg mixer 1 input busses meters set to input
mixer 2 meters set to other than what mixer 1 and three are …
thanks for the chance to voice my wish

T :smiley:

No. Very bad. You’d need to pay as much (or more), but for less features.
And it would also take resources to develop this system, giving you even less in the end.

That’s something that’s useful for pro users to have a quick workflow. But I don’t think home users have it highly prioritized.

The time window to send requests this time was from friday afternoon until saturday morning. You can then expect mostly home user replies. If this would be published next time, let’s say, on a monday morning, you could probably expect a bit different replies, i.e. a higher share of pro user replies.

I don’t think it’s Pro/Home split at all. I think it has more to do with preferences around user workflow and UI. For instance, I keep my tracks in the Arranger very thin as to see as many tracks as I can. And if I need a larger view on a track for editing or something, I’ll toggle the track height with Z. So with very thin tracks, I’m not going to see volume and pan in the Arranger/Project view.

Now, how do I work like this? Well, it works in conjunction with a mixer that’s almost constantly docked. Then I’ve got a screenset/keybinding that gets me to full-blown mixer view. All on a wide-screen monitor. The volume/pan adjustments happen either in the docked mixer, or full screen one, and the widescreen eliminates the need for a lot of horizontal scrolling.

So with that type of setup, adding a volume and pan to the Arranger very little value. But I don’t begrudge anyone who wants it, and it’s a very common feature in most DAWs. But it wouldn’t add much to my particular workflow. I prefer the docked mixer for volume/pan.

You know what I would love to see though? Fully height adjustable mixer channels like Reaper that could display inserts and sends all at once, even when docked! Heck, just give me 4 insert slots and the first send! And if there’s not enough height, then only show the faders.

functional hidpi

Yes, lots of music professionals are up early every Monday morning. :unamused:

Ah yes, the old “sweeping assumption based on zero evidence” argument again … :laughing:

Fix lower zone mixer so it’s possible to choose to see faders, sends and inserts at the same time.

Get rid of the annoying loop timeline thingie, it always gets activated when just moving around in the project

Fix the tiny scrollers and something is off at high resolution so you have to click slightly under scrollers and midi events etc. cuz the hotspot is off

Move tracks in the mixer console

stop spamming. this isn’t a feature request thread. it’s a thread about a poll. learn to read.

You probably tried this already, but is there a way to set a minimum number of responses? For instance, maybe set a minimum of 5. Someone could still give one FR 96 points and 4 FR’s 1 point each, but if you request a minimum of 5 maybe it would encourage people to be a bit more thoughtful in how points are allocated.

Hey it could be useful to know that a feature could be that important to someone.

Possible to divide or average the points based on how many people voted?

Dear Steinberg please don’t make the same mistake as Cubase 8.5 by adding too many useless features
Like the edge pop ups.

You currently have an almost perfect DAW with Pro 10. All you need to do is update your audio engine
make it (Gap Less).

How hard can that be? You updated your audio engine a few years ago. Now every time you add an output or VSTi you get an interruption and the midi get out of sync.

Come on man!!

I checked the current results this morning and the ranking completely changed. There was seriously someone who took the poll 47 times. Allocating all of his 100 points to one feature every time. It took him (or her?) nearly 20 minutes trying to manipulate the poll.

I admire your commitment and passion about Cubase feature requests, but this doesn’t help anyone.

If someone isn’t logged into their account when they do the poll, how can it be determined how many times they have taken the poll?.

This is the number one sentence on “10 things you should never say to a dev as a product manager”.