Feature Request Poll - Your input is needed - Results are online

  • Tooltips when you mouse over lanes in the Drum Editor and Expression Map.

  • The ability to colour/shade code the lanes in the Drum editor and Expression Map.

Whenever I use the drum editor, or the expression map, I always have to go through the time consume process of going to the left side of the editor window to see what instrument or articulation the lane is assigned to. Mousing over anywhere on the lanes with tool tips changing to reflect the assigned names would solve this situation. For me, now that ARA is added, if Cubase does this then it would be the perfect DAW.

FWIW, my votes…

Allow Free Warp On The Project Window			11
Automation saved with TrackVersions			 3
Bezier curves in midi editor				 3
Clarification of all the remote control features	17
Eliminate mix console focus				17
Gapless Audio Engine					11
Improve The "Save As Template" Function			 9
Rack presets						17
Ripple Edit						 9
Triplet/Dotted grid snap in audio editor		 3

Now, impatiently waiting for the global results… :sunglasses:

Done! However, my number 1 request isn’t there: more key commends. Especially Snap ON and Snap OFF. Toggle switches suck as I have to look for the minuscule snap icon 1,000 times every day! I’m sure I can’t be the only one.

Thanks for doing this Matthias! I think it’s important to prioritize some of the common user requests. It’s hard to gauge priorities based on people adding a +1 on a forum, and the idea of having a hundred points that can be assigned any which way is EXACTLY how to do it. I may want a few things, but I don’t rate those things equally. That’s where another competitor with a FR voting system fails; they weigh all votes equally.

I think when you look at the requests, there’s a bit of overlap (a few having to do with Remote Control or Control Surfaces, a few having to do with Smart Tools and Track Templates/Import Session Data) but I think a theme will clearly emerge when it comes time to do analysis on the results (e.g. “Remote Control needs an overhaul” or “we need to take a look at streamlining how users can reuse tracks and import them into new projects as templates”).

Anyway, my “big” items were:

Improved Remote Control for Plugins
Smart Tool
External FX overhaul

Then a few other things got the remaining points like:

Import Session Data
Move tracks in Mixer
Plugin Aliases
Tabbed plugin windows
Ripple Editing

I may have misunderstood: you want a Key Command for Snap On/Off? There is one. J (by default).


Cubase is missing a few Key Commands I’d like (for instance, I want to be able to assign key bindings to different sections of the Browser to switch from Effects to Instruments for example) but otherwise has a very comprehensive Key Binding system. It’s a strength, not a weakness IMO. Then again, it is weird when you find there isn’t one for something.

fyi, the one that is probably the single most popular request on this forum didn’t make it on to the list:

Get rid of the mouse wheel fader movement: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=285&t=148023

This shouldn’t even be a feature request. It should have been implemented when the new automation handling was introduced in CB 9.5.

What’s the point of being able to use the range tool to quickly create a volume automation range when you can’t see the values you are shifting up/down by. Still a two step process.

Hoping to see this added soon.

When are the results made public?

The current key command is a toggle switch. I have been asking for a separate ON and Off keyboard commands for about 15 years!

Thanks for clarifying, but why? Either Snap is On and you want it on, so leave it alone. Or Snap is On and you want it of Off so hit J and vice versa. I never look at the icon, I just move something and it’s on or it’s off and when I want the other, I hit J. Not sure what the use case is where separate on/off key commands would make sense or how that would be more efficient. Are you using super small Snap resolutions and moving things when zoomed way out? Anyway, if why has been explained already elsewhere maybe just post a link but I’m just not seeing why at the moment.

The poll closes in a week so sometime after that. I hope Steinberg considers doing formal polls like this in the future via emails to registered users. I’m not saying people can vote twice or more on this poll, but they can. Something more formal can include unique links to make sure that doesn’t happen and catch a wider cross section of users. Universal Audio, Arturia, and U-he are all companies that have sent out email polls.

Yes, it’s such a tiny update it could actually be put into the next maintenance update (as it should already have been in place).

In this case it seems he doesn’t want to check the icon beforehand repeatedly. Anyway, generally speaking you can’t have a toggle on/off command in a macro, because you don’t know if you will trigger it on or off. You then have to have separate ON and OFF commands.

Thanks. Makes sense in the case of a macro requiring a specific snap setting.

You have to consider most people probably work with snap on most the time. Thus it makes sense to have ‘Snap On’ only as I would hit it all the time without even looking to see if it’s on or off - because I want it on. ie, you press the key command for the work it is you are wanting to do without having to check if it is on or off.

I can never remember if I have it on or off, sometimes I think it’s off and press J to turn it on but forgot it was actually already on, now it’s off. then I moved a region, now I have to undo that move, and turn it back on. Very annoying.

Well, this is just an experiment to see how we can improve the community ideation. But yes, there are already people who voted twice and then even allocated their whole budget to one single feature. Twice. So multiple participation is now blocked and I will delete the doubles. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be possible to set a budget limit per feature in our survey tool. So putting 100 on a single request is still possible. But, please be reasonable and try to allocate the budget to at least 5 to 6 different items.

I’m glad you can tell and are keeping on top of things! Looking forward to seeing the results.

Done… Thank you Matthias :wink:

Can’t wait to see the results.

Regards :sunglasses:

There actually is. If you hover the mouse over the border just above the Panner or the scroll bar column, the scroll wheel works.

Try hovering over that tiny 2 pixel high space on a monitor with 2000 vertical pixels :slight_smile:. It’s even tinier than the tiny scroll bar. The only explanation I can think of is that Steinberg assumed nobody would have enough tracks in their project that they would need to scroll the mix console.