Feature Request Poll - Your input is needed - Results are online

Fix lower zone mixer so it’s possible to choose to see faders, sends and inserts at the same time.

Get rid of the annoying loop timeline thingie, it always gets activated when just moving around in the project

Fix the tiny scrollers and something is off at high resolution so you have to click slightly under scrollers and midi events etc. cuz the hotspot is off

Move tracks in the mixer console

stop spamming. this isn’t a feature request thread. it’s a thread about a poll. learn to read.

You probably tried this already, but is there a way to set a minimum number of responses? For instance, maybe set a minimum of 5. Someone could still give one FR 96 points and 4 FR’s 1 point each, but if you request a minimum of 5 maybe it would encourage people to be a bit more thoughtful in how points are allocated.

Hey it could be useful to know that a feature could be that important to someone.

Possible to divide or average the points based on how many people voted?

Dear Steinberg please don’t make the same mistake as Cubase 8.5 by adding too many useless features
Like the edge pop ups.

You currently have an almost perfect DAW with Pro 10. All you need to do is update your audio engine
make it (Gap Less).

How hard can that be? You updated your audio engine a few years ago. Now every time you add an output or VSTi you get an interruption and the midi get out of sync.

Come on man!!

I checked the current results this morning and the ranking completely changed. There was seriously someone who took the poll 47 times. Allocating all of his 100 points to one feature every time. It took him (or her?) nearly 20 minutes trying to manipulate the poll.

I admire your commitment and passion about Cubase feature requests, but this doesn’t help anyone.

If someone isn’t logged into their account when they do the poll, how can it be determined how many times they have taken the poll?.

This is the number one sentence on “10 things you should never say to a dev as a product manager”.

Indeed… Again, an self-centered behavior, trying to cripple a collective approach… :unamused:

Don’t give up, though : the principle of it (a regular poll with a ranking by points) is great. Just hope that you’ll find a way to publish more or less valuable results.

All the best, Matthias ! :slight_smile:

Is there no way to have email sign up cross referenced to MySteinberg accounts?

ie, you should only be able to vote if you have an iLok with a Cubase license. and then someone could only vote once.

Maybe it’s time to code an official polling system built right into the DAW (disabled in preferences if one wants) in the ‘new/open project window’ where there is also update news. This would be innovative itself.

Yes, but nowadays only if you take precautions against abuse. Such surveys are nearly always manipulated when that is possible. It’s not enough to appeal to people’s reason, you need software that makes manipulation of the poll a hard task.

That doesn’t surprise me at all. I hope you deleted all 47! As a rule, I’d personally delete any 1 or 2 response surveys (like you already said, even < 5 I’d be cautious about). My honest advice would be to handle these types of request via emails to Cubase registered users [something like a Survey Monkey corporate account is inexpensive]. Something where each email can be setup to include a unique link associated to each account holder and that will prevent multiple requests [or having to go in and look for duplicates and clean them up manually].

I suspect, based on other surveys I’ve been involved with, that most Cubase users would ignore an email survey, a small percentage would consider it SPAM, but you might be able to get a response rate somewhere between 4 and 11%. Across the entire C10 population, or even just a smaller subset, that might yield better results than a forum survey and allow for more control. If you were to keep the survey short, to the point (like this one), and avoid personal questions (I hate when I’m asked about income and expenditures on music gear), you could really get a decent response rate. And with more responses, it’ll be easier to develop a product/feature roadmap, meaning fewer surveys (once a year, once every two years).

Just a friendly suggestion.

If I write a script that generate a zillion responses do I get then?

Soooo … are we finally going to get Cubase for Linux then, given it’s massive popularity in this poll, with 47 people giving it 100 points? :slight_smile:
(seriously though, it’s wasn’t me …)

The only emails I don’t ignore are the ones with deals on plugins and software I want :smiley:

Maybe combine the surveys with deals, or sample pack give aways for Halion/GA.

Surely it can’t be hard to implement keyboard commands for existing features? :wink:

When you buy C10 and W95, for instance the Frequency EQ Plugin, Can run in C10, Cant run in W95.
I have made a project in C10 where i used Frequency plugin a lot. In hope to have in Wavelab the Frequency Plugin.
I made Presets for all tracks, in hope to edit batch with the Frequency plugin and these presets.
You just cant do that…
I think if you buy both C10 and W95 you should have the plugins for both working.

Instead i had to use Fabfilter Pro Q2 and yes that works in C10 and W95…