Feature Request Poll

Which of these would you like to see in Cubase 11? Select 3

  • Gapless Audio Engine
  • Move tracks within the mix console
  • General Improvements to MIDI editor and Smart tools for MIDI editing
  • Bezier curves in midi editor
  • Multitrack Audio Warp
  • Separate folder for “.bak” files
  • Consistent GUI
  • Audio Connections overhaul or External FX Plugin w/flexible routing
  • Allow Free Warp On The Project Window
  • Inspector In the Lower Zone

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Which of these would you like to see in Cubase 11?

Most of these were part of Steinbergs’s last official survey and I am sure that they have already decided on the features that will be in v11 since we are likely only about 4 months away from the release. With that said, I love surveys so I voted for Allow Free Warp On The Project Window. I think it would make it so much easier to align things with other tracks. I hope that Multitrack Audio Warp gets bundled together with this feature since they kind of related. A Gapless Audio Engine would be a great improvement also.

The list above are all nice features actually so hopefully several of these have made Steinberg’s cut.

They are the top ten(ish) from last year’s poll. I like polls too. Steinberg should conduct more IMO.

I’d like to see smoother/ slower scroll added here too. This is probably one of the biggest detriments to my workflow.

I selected two of the options, my third would be multi-track freeze/unfreeze if it were on the list.

I chose ‘Audio Connections overhaul or External FX Plugin w/flexible routing’ because it’s the closest to what I want. It’s been a huge, time-sucking hassle just trying to set up multiple groups for dual-mono compression. I want to be able to use unlinked compression more easily! I just prefer that sound to the link, stereo sound for most things. In fact, a lot of bigtime mixers set up their groups and/or their mix busses for dual mono compression. Michael Brauer, Chris Lord Alge, Andrew Scheps (unlinked 1176s on the rear bus), etc…

Yet, we have to do way too many steps to process audio in dual-mono. Cubase 10.5 is really inefficient when it comes to this! Dual mono should be selectable for every multi-mono channel via one simple toggle switch.

Also, please allow us to link and/or ‘Quick Link’ insert effects that are on the same channel. For example, the Lead Vocal channel has a compressor on insert one and a different compressor on insert two. I’d like to be able to link their thresholds, despite the fact that those compressors are on the same channel.

Or, it would be really cool if you gave us a plugin host like Waves’ Studio Rack, something that would provide extra insert slots, allowing us to use any inserted effect to process audio in dual-mono, and M/S, or multiband split. It should be available in Direct Offline Processing.

Voted (gapless audio engine and warp related improvements), even if what I am actually hoping for the most isn’t listed… In the ‘features’ department :

  • What I expect over anything is an overhaul of the Generic Remote definitions feature, including a fix for the NRPN messages recognition and an usable way to manage the GR settings related to specific parameters of a given track, no matter if others are added or removed.
  • This, with 16 quick controls : anyone else is using a drawbar organ VSTi ?
  • And finally (I don’t hold my breath on this one…), the return of an usable VST 2.x presets management, including FXP/FXB files : contrarily to what Steinberg has been hoping/expecting since something like 15 years (Cubase 4…), VST2 is still alive and kicking and the Mediabay is useless with it.

In the ‘cosmetic’ category, two added settings, one to get rid of the horizontal lines as track separators in the arrangement window and another to dim a little the flashy white panel background of selected tracks.

I’d like to point people to this thread

CUBASE 11 - - THREE MOST NEEDED things - 1.) Audio Connections revamp. 2.) MultiTrack Freeze. 3.) MIDI, CC, Control



I would add flows.

Cubase 11 is about to go out for beta soon. I think feature scope has been closed for a long time now.

The idea was to compare what forum users wanted to what the Stein man implements in November/December. See if he’s listening or not. Then I can quit the pointless exercise of requesting features, supporting threads and reporting bugs. :smiley:

Yes, that’s been closed for long. Actually, the time frame is longer than most people think. I read that for 10.5 the beta was out in the summer-19, but the alpha testing started already in February-19 (that’s 9 months before release…!). And the features must obviously be settled waaaaay before that, there’s some programming to do…

If so, you should rather compare C11 (and forthcoming versions…) with the result of the 2 official forum polls that were made a year ago…

Bermp… Yeeha!! :wink:

Those results already look a dated. Moving tracks in the mixing console isn’t looking too popular now considering it WAS no.2 in the poll results.
IMO a 6 monthly poll should be conducted. I like polls. And it would make it harder for the marketing department to justify undermining the integrity and stability of Cubase with flashy new features that nobody asked for.

Multi-track free warp remains my #1. Comments quoted below (posted last year) sum up my experience.

I’ll also add: It’s not a flashy/sexy feature. But the absence of multi-track free warp in Cubase today feels like working in a fancy hi-end kitchen without knives and a cutting board.

+1. Most every major DAW can free warp multiple tacks. They’ve had this bread-and-butter feature for years.

Working in my studio, clients often ask why we can’t free warp like they can with their own DAWs at home (Pro Tools, etc). It’s awkward, to say the least. I suspect I’ve lost at least a couple follow-up jobs because of this perplexing omission in Cubase’s otherwise excellent feature set.

Frankly, multitrack free warp is almost a “classic” function of a DAW at this point. It long ago stopped being sexy or trendy; it’s just something people use DAWs for these days. Users/clients have a right to expect it, and are surprised when I say I can’t do it (“Are you sure it’s not in there? Can you check again?”).

This needs to be remedied. It’s like we’re missing a screwdriver.

(Respectfully submitted. I love most of what Cubase offers.)

Thanks for the poll! You should have gave us to vote for 4 options not just three… I’d also like move tracks within console!

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