Feature Request: pop up menu

It would be great if we could have a pop-up menu to show up with we press and hold on a clip. Then chose actions from the menu.

Hi chikitin,

Thanks for your proposal.
What options do you miss/or want to see in that pop-up menu?


Hi Lars,

I’d say everyone is different. It depends if the part is audio and MIDI and the type of process ( setting up project, recording, mixing). But for me these are the most important ones:

  1. duplicate
  2. normalize
  3. delete/remove
  4. trim automation ( when mixing)
  5. quantize ( if MIDI)
  6. nudge left and right based on quantized value.
  7. trim the left end, trim right end

  8. offline processing ( I suppose this doesn’t exist)

obviously, this can be added to other areas ( transport, automation, etc.) For instance, on the ruler, would be nice to move the selected range between the left and right locators.

If it doesn’t make the basis complex, a customizable pop-up menu ( although not implemented in Cubase) would be great.
To collect, the best way would be to ask users to give permission to collect non-personal data from Cubasis without affecting the performance.

You can long tap on left/right locators and drag them around together

Hi chikitin,

Thank you for your proposal.

Cubasis already includes dedicated sub menu and editor tools, and event handles which provides options for these features.
Doesn’t these work for you?


Not a popup menu.
In the submenu:

  1. duplicate - Doesn’t exist in the submenu
  2. normalize - need to double-tap and select it there and close the window.
  3. trim automation ( when mixing) - Couldn’t find it
  4. nudge left and right based on quantized value. - I don’t see it in key editor.
  5. trim the left end, trim the right end. - Not for the MIDI notes in the key editor