Feature request: popover shortcuts for additional pedal markings

I write a lot of piano music, and it’s starting to become a pain to have to click every single pedal up and half pedal. (I’m more of a keyboard type of person, pun intended.) So if you could add those markings as text commands to the Playing Techniques popover (for instance, as 0p and p/2), that would be wonderful. Thanks!

If I’m understanding correctly, these already exist.

Half pedal is 1/2
Retake is ^ (or retake)
Pedal is ped (with a selection that tells Dorico where to start and finish the pedal line.)

Ah, thanks, you’ve just saved me a lot of extra clicking!

Where might one find a list of all these popover commands, if such exists? I’ve searched for a list, but that didn’t turn up a complete list.

Right here: https://steinberg.help/dorico/v3.5/extra/dorico-3.5.10-popovers.pdf

You can also find the playing techniques popover’s reference in the manual here. There’s one of these for each popover with the same formulation for the title, i.e. “X popover”.

You can access the popover PDF and other resources, incl a PDF for tokens, on the manual landing page here.