Feature request : Portrait mode compatibility

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m with Cubasis 3 on iPhone since two years, and i think the feature i miss the most is the ability to rotate, to work in Portrait mode also :selfie:t2::iphone:

I’m sure this would be very useful and much more enjoyable, for everyone…

Thank you Steinberg :v:

Hi @electrafa,

Thanks for your message.

As of yet, there is no plan to support portrait mode with Cubasis unfortunately, since most of the DAW concept of Cubasis works best in landscape mode.

Thanks again
& stay safe

Hello @LSlowak :slight_smile: thanks for your answer !

I see your point, and i recognize this isn’t a priority (stability / reliability should come first) but i’d like to argue with a list of other DAWs i own that support Portrait Mode on iPhone (and they have this as an advantage) :

  • n-Track

  • Multitrack DAW

  • AUM

  • Drambo

  • Koala Sampler

  • ElasticDrums

  • Sunvox

I see good reasons to add Portrait Mode compatibility on Cubasis :

  • for mixing (longer fader = better)

  • when working with IAA and Audio Units, especially the ones that only support Portrait Mode (AUM, ElasticDrums, Poly 2, …)

  • for editing MIDI clips (with a wider keyboard range) but audio clips also (more amplitude = more precision)

  • when importing files from the iTunes library (that automatically switches to Portrait mode)

  • and basically for convenience, because iOS and the form factor of the iPhones are designed to be used in Portrait mode first (and are more confortable this way)

Anyway, thanks for your consideration, i wish you all the best ! :v: