Feature request: Pre-fader export and output to same format as source (mono-mono and stereo-stereo)

This would save me a LOT of time. Throw in a Select/De-select All on the outputs list in the Audio Mixdown window.

I don’t understand what the problem could be.
Which version? Which edition?

Cubase Pro 12. The issue is that when exporting tracks for use in other projects, they will need to be expected at nominal level with the fader in 0dB. This is usually not where the fader is in a mix. As it is now, I have to first reset mixconsole, they export all the stereo tracks, deselect the stereo tracks, select the mono tracks and export them. It could go so much quicker with the option to export pre-fader and in the same configuration as the source tracks

And why do you do that? I don’t get the point…

I don’t normally do this, but wasn’t there a thread about pretty much exactly this same thing earlier this week? With a solution to it?

Batch export, Pre fader - Cubase - Steinberg Forums


Well, I’d consider that more of a workaround than a solution…
And it doesn’t solve the “output to the same format” request, which I think is very valid. Happened to me more than once that I did an export of a track or stem and had to do it again because “export as” was still set to “mono downmix” or the other way round.

Ok, then what about “render in place”?

Render in place doesn’t take into account the naming scheme of Batch export.