Feature Request: Preference: Follow Locator Navigation Independent of Auto-Scroll

I’m really trying to dial in my workflow and get quicker.

I really think there needs to be some sort of middle ground between Cursor Navigation and Auto-Scroll

ie, Many times I want auto-scroll off, but I want to be able to move with the cursor if I am using it for navigation.

This creates quite a hassle of of enabling/disabling Auto-Scroll, or double tapping it so that I snap to the new cursor position when I’d much rather just move with the cursor automatically when using cursor-navigation key commands, for example, ‘Go to Project Start’ and ‘Go To Project End’.

Just to be clear, this preference would only apply to cursor-navigation type key commands like the ones mentioned above, as well as one likes ‘Next Event’/‘Previous Event’, etc.

I think it would help navigate the project more seamlessly


I think others maybe have the same sort of perplexing feeling of never being content with scroll being engaged or disengaged. I’m not even sure if this is common across all DAWs, but, irregardless, maybe this is a leading-the-way workflow enhancement protocol.

I think the discontentment with Scroll (whether on or off) comes in multi-event and or fine-editing event editing.

In this context:
-I want to playback my edits without playback scroll
-But, when I locate the next event, I want to scroll to the new cursor location.

As it stands, in this context, I leave Auto-Scroll off and then when I locate to the next event/marker/etc, I double tap Auto-Scroll on-off. This is very repetitive and requires too much attention as to whether Auto-Scroll is on or off.

Auto-Scroll on (Stationary or Page) is annoying in this context:

Auto-Scroll off, but scroll does not occur when locating to next event:

You can see here, I’ve obtained the behaviour I want using a macro:
-Next Event
-Next Event

But I believe this should be a core protocol preference, would be very handy to have consistent across all location commands/data entries.

New Preference: Scroll Follows Navigation Commands
Would ignore state of Auto-Scroll, and scroll regardless if a Navigation Command and or, Navigation Transport Data is entered.

Bump, see edit and gifs