Feature Request: Preference: InfoLine Ignores FolderTrack Events if Audio or MIDI Events Selected

Having a FolderTrack Event selected, will block InfoLine editing of Audio and MIDI events that are also selected.

Sometimes, when doing large drag selections and needing to edit infoline across multiple events, the FolderTrack events block the ability.

The FR is to have a preference that allows these FolderTrack Events to be ignored by InfoLine and instead display the top most left selected Audio or MIDI event


The Info Line shows the data of the very first top/left selected event. So if the Folder event is selected (which is in the most top/left position) and you select the events in the folder, only the Folder relevant data are shown in the Info Line.

This is how it is specified in Cubase and I can confirm, it works this way here on my side.

Sorry I didn’t type this out well, meant to suggest as a FR preference that we can not have FolderTrack Events hog the infoline, as they often get in the way when doing broad stroke selections.