FEATURE REQUEST: Presets in Cubase synths have "attributes"

My first feature request post ever…not sure if I should post this somewhere else (a suggestions thread?). Also, I don’t want this to turn into a “presets suck/presets rule!” debate either.

I know its probly a long shot, but after using NI’s Massive and Absynth 5 and really utilizing and browsing their presets using the “attributes” feature, life has been SO much easier. I know some basic synth fundamentals, but I still jump to presets and tweak from there. I cant see myself layering osc’s and filters for hours trying to get the perfect sound just yet…one day I’d honestly really like to.

I always liked the sound of the newer Cubase VST synths (Spector, Prologue, Mystic) but when I go back into these after using NI synths and I’m scrolling thru presets like “Demented Demonoid”, “Jasper’s Whim”, or “Lazy Spacemoan” (lol) it just feels like I’ve stepped backwards in time. Basically, presets are just laid out alphabetically…no logical order whatsoever. It’s a big hinderance I feel now, now that other developers are designing “searchable” presets basically. In case some here don’t know what I’m talking about…NI synths let u search by keywords like: clean, distorted, slow attack, percussive, arpeggiated, dark bright, thin, fat, long decay, etc and any and all combinations u’d like. I know it’s not perfect and can be subjective but its a great starting off point and a smart way to weed out totally irrelevant settings.

That being said, I doubt that anyone at Steinberg would GO BACK INTO THESE PRESETS AND LABEL THEM. Lol…I get that. But I think that would be awesome if they did and for any future synths they put out. I cant really find these synths usable anymore without that feature…just my $0.02.

BIG +1! Those preset names may be fun, but they’re totally meaningless when looking for a certain sound…

And MediaBay is out of the question to use?

They do have attributes. As HowlingUlf said,use the Media Bay or enable the Filters option in the presets results window.



Wow that was quick!! U guys added that feature just today?!

Jk…I’ll take a look when I get home. That’s awesome…THANKS A LOT!!!

Yes. When playing a synth I want to select inside the synth. But if these attributes are somehow visible inside the synth, that’s great ofcourse.